Fantasy Life vs. Animal Crossing


Jan 13, 2015
I've been thinking about getting Fantasy Life. It looks really interesting, with both a mix of mini-games and RPG combat.

However, I'm worried that it's going to be a lot like Animal Crossing, and that it'll start to feel like a chore just like New Leaf did for me. Is there a lot of waiting around? Do you have to do certain things at certain times of day or on specific dates? Also, how much can you customize your character's appearance?

Basically, I would like to know how Fantasy Life and Animal Crossing compare to each other. Has anyone played both?
Fantasy Life shares some aspects with Animal Crossing, like having a house you can customise and doing quests for people, and it has a similar vibe in its style. The main similarity is the fact that you get a degree of freedom to play how you want. It's not done in real time as AC is.

In FL, you can follow the main quest line, work on the quests to become a master of a particular life (which is your classification, like Hunter, or Alchemist; you can change it as often as you want), or do quests to help the townsfolk. New areas open as you follow the main quest but you can do it at your own pace if you prefer. If you just do the main quest you won't get much out of it - it pays to explore and make the most of the different lives to level them up.

It's also a bit like Rune Factory in its gameplay (but without the farming or the monster taming).
I've played both the games and aside from what GamerGirl mentioned and perhaps earning money by doing quests/work to buy furniture there isn't really too much that the two games have in common. I suppose you could also say that both games have a world which you can explore and do what you like.

Fantasy life is much more storyline based, it has a really nice touching storyline which is the main focus of the game. You work on your life quests too, which levels you up in your current life. Animal Crossing doesn't really have much of a storyline other than paying to upgrade your house once you're past the intro. I would say that Fantasy Life almost has a Zelda like storyline - travelling to other lands and saving the world. There's a lot of new areas to unlock and monsters to fight, the map is really quite large so you aren't confined to your town like AC. It's not as much of a chore as AC as there are quests to do and things to accomplish other than building up a complete collection of fish.

The days aren't done in real time like GamerGirl mentioned so no waiting around. Some of the quests require you to kill monsters that only appear at night etc. so there are some time based things but the days are relatively short and there's lots of other things you can do with your time. These quests aren't main ones just fetch/kill quests for people or for your life so you can do them whenever you want basically.

There is quite a lot of character customisation actually, far more than Animal Crossing. You can change your body shape, head shape, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose etc. There are a ton of hairstyle and hair colour options and you can change this in the game (although not right at the beginning). You can also choose a voice for your character too. In the game you can buy clothes or if you're a tailor you can sew them, the amount of clothes you can buy/make increases as you unlock new areas.
GamerGirl nailed it. basically if you like AC and rpgs, you will like FL. This is one of the coolest games I've ever enjoyed. Its driven by you, in other words, don't feel like playing the story? cool, go level up your cooking skills, etc. I really like AC, i love FL
I like the amount of freedom that Fantasy Life offers. Animal Crossing is great but once the newness wears off, some times doing the same things can get old even if I still enjoy the game as a whole. With FL, there is so much to do as others above have mentioned. If you are into customizing your character and working on your house, you can. If you'd rather be out exploring new worlds then you can do that instead. There is a main story but the game doesn't force you to stop doing something you are enjoying to work on that. You can for the most part do things at your own pace when you want to which is nice.
Is anyone still playing fantasy life or animal crossing?

Is there many people playing both games?
i recently finished the FL story mode, but still have much to do. I want to make all the weapons at least. i haven't tried multiplayer or bought the dlc yet, but i will say this is a great game of many greats from the 3ds. it opened my eyes to a different kind of game. if it wasn't for this site's suggestion i may never have bought it. 106 hours in i give it a 9/10.

speaking of ACNL, i better check in on the neighbors!
Do you have to invite people for online or are they already on?

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