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Mar 14, 2016
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Sorry @crunchyg , didn't know where to put this! xD

So what is your favorite nintendo character? It can be someone completely obscure like a waddle-dee or something, or it could be as common as Link. Either way, let me know! Tell me a bit about why you like them!

My favorite of course is Ganon. I don't know, I just have this sympathy for him. To be fair, he did kind of steal the princess, he is always getting beat up by Link. And who knows, maybe Zelda came willingly just so that when Link came to save her she could frame Ganon and pretend he is a monster (which he is kind of a giant pig monster thing.) Oh well, I like Ganon.

Your turn!
ooooh this is a good one! I can see sympathy for Ganon, especially after his speech at the end of Wind Waker. I want to think about this before i give a good answer.
Mario has been my favorite fictional character of all time my whole life. In fact, I'm more of a fan of Mario than I am of Nintendo in general.
Well, if it's a Nintendo character, it has to be Link. Im a Zelda fanboy, i have tattoos, t-shirts, toys, amiibo, almost every game. Some in more than one form or copy. Ive spent more time in games with my dude than anything else. I do love Mario and have all of his games also, but the emotional attachment to Link is more.

Link, final answer. But, here's hoping that someone chooses Waluigi!

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