Favorite console to collect games for?


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Oct 9, 2016
Super NES
many of us collect games for multiple consoles (Me personally, Gamecube, Sega Genesis, and old PC games). What has been your favorite console to collect games for?
I think my PC has the most games, but my Wii U library is pretty far up there...
Dreamcast maybe my fave console ever but nothing gets me as excited as Saturn imports. I pretty much know everything DC has to offer. Saturn I keep getting surprised. Imports are cheap mostly and so grabbing a bunch for cheap and finding mostly fantastic games no one ever heard of. I just got a few recently and a Sega Saturn Arcade stick new in box. (making a vid soon). Saturn has as many great RPGs as PS1 just not as well known. Also a lot of fantastic Shooters (Shmups) and platformers. Easily the most underrated console of that decade. Now my 3rd fave system ever behind Dreamcast and SNES.
You know, i think over the years i have been declining in my want to collect games. Ive just been getting flash cartridges for them all. GB, GBA, NES, even the gamecube!
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Now with the newer consoles you can just buy and download all you games, so i don't collect those. I guess i can't really say i collect games anymore :/
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Oh yeah sorry. Forgot about that. Since i posted that i went to a video game store named disc traders and bought about 80 dollars worth of gba games xD So much for flash cartridges.
Right now all the titles that I've bought over the past year has been solely for the 3DS/2DS.
I have only focused on my GameCube, Wii and Wii u collections. I have other systems too but i dont collect games for them. I think my wiiu collection is my favorite...but im done collecting for these systems, im gonna start collect for Switch in the future
Right now it's the NES & the Nintendo Wii & the Wii's Wii Shop.