Favorite Glitches in Games?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
Share some funny stories of glitchy games. What was a memorable glitch that you can still recall in vivid detail? What game was it?

Here's mine!

Hmm. Practically everything in DESTINY, the new multi-platform BUNGIE game is "Cheesable" (Glitchable) and doable with less then intended numbers, even their hard raid I've beaten with 3/6 people at max level (And it's on hard so it's a level above you.) plenty of sad but good ones in there. I won't say I don't use them either, because I do. I've been a gamer and I've exploited since day one if I found something. But enough sidetracking! Here:

Zelda, Ocarina of Time. There's a glitchrun/speedrun that puts you from Gohma to Gannon and allows you to finish the whole game in under 20 minutes. No lie. Pretty neat.

This is pretty funny to watch too:

I also think that Destiny is very glitchy, you can almost glitch every part of the game. While some people complain about it, I find it kind of fun. The other game that was fun to glitch in was GTA 5. We used to duplicate cars and sell them off for large amounts of cash. :)

If I had to go old school it would be Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You are totally correct in the speed run glitch. I must have played that game over a 100 times before I saw the youtube video, then I had to try it! It for sure made me laugh.
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Battlefield 3 has a number of WTF moments that are either meant to be there because the programmers found them hilarious or every one making the game was so wasted they did not care. I give you:

What IS gravity?
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LOL! That was priceless. Keep the good glitches coming, I love to just watch coding go bad. It's always entertaining!
Well, in the very first Mega Man on the NES there is a very handy glitch. By continually pressing the pause button after you've shot a boss enemy, extra damage will be inflicted. Since the bosses are incredibly challenging in this game, this glitch has helped plenty of gamers complete Mega Man. Although I don't recommend anyone use this glitch as it makes the game so much easier and less rewarding. Only use it if you seriously can't beat a particular boss after several attempts.