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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
Every Mario game introduces new gameplay and a new take on the original formula, especially boss fights. After the original Super Mario Bros, we got more than just Bowser throwing fireballs and hammers at us. So, what boss fights within the Mario series are your favorites?

My girlfriend and I go over our picks in this video:

I really like that video I think that the best boss that I have ever faced in a Mario game would have to be bowser himself. Whenever I got to his levels it was a always a pain in the butt to get past him.
Thank you! :D Yeah, fighting Bowser has pretty much always been great. In every game, when you go up against him, you know it's gonna be a crazy fight. But it's so rewarding when you finally beat him!
I really enjoy your videos lol. Bowser goes without saying. However, a wealth of my "Favorite" Mario Bosses comes from the N64 version, Super Mario 64. From the Bomb-omb on the top of the hill you have to Sumo out to many and more, the bosses in that version not only felt well-rounded but they offered a lot of challenge to a kid of a low age, sometimes.
Haha, thank you! :D Yeah, Mario 64 had some great moments. The Giant Bob-omb fight was pretty fun, watching him waddle all around. That whole really has amazing balance. Like you said, it's challenging to younger kids but still totally enjoyable for adults, too.
at this point...Wendy. i always liked her as a kid for some reason, and when i found out she's in a couple of new games here lately, well a lot of effort was put in to finding her (spoiler free.) My daughter loves her also, so we both got excited. Maybe its because she's the only girl? Petey Pirahna was cool in Sunshine also
You're right, there really aren't many female bosses in Mario games, and def being the only lady Koopaling gives her some bonus points. Glad you were able to find where she was without hitting too many spoilers :)

Petey Pirahna in Sunshine was a great fight! Over time I've really come to enjoy that whole game.
Mario Sunshine was the one game I never tried in the franchise. How was it? The bosses you talk about make it sound legit fun, and I may need to dredge up my old consoles/emulators and give it a whirl..
Shimus, I would consider Sunshine to be almost on par with Mario 64. It is an extremely good game, especially the soundtrack and the boss fights are very memorable. The "water cannon" gimmick takes a bit of time to get used to, but if you've gotten yourself comfortable with it, you are up for hours of great fun. I'd recommend to do yourself a favor and play it, it's worth every second of your time.
Totally agree. Like Flandre said, the water canon is great once you get used to it. I feel like at the time it was a big dead because it was different, but now not so much. Especially since the 3D Mario games that came after it have taken plenty of risks and introduced all kinds of new gameplay mechanics, it's not such a weird idea for Mario do be doing something different.
I just never got around to really trying or playing it. I'll have to check out some emulators for it (now that my GC is missing) it is a Gamecube game right? I figure there has to be a good version someplace....
The classic biggest boss is still the best. Gold old Bowser would take down any of the newer bosses no problem, any day of the week.

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