Favorite Splatoon Loadouts?


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Oct 5, 2015
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What are your favorite strategies and weapons for both turf war and ranked battles? Here are my loadouts:

Turf war: Octo brush, sploosh o matic, carbon roller deco.

Rainmaker: .96 cal, I haven't really found any other weapons that have worked well yet in this mode.

Splat zones: octobrush! I love how much ground it can cover with just a few swings. Also, the kraken is awesome for some game changing maneuvers.

Also, do you prefer to be offensive or defensive in these modes? Generally I am always offensive, but sometimes I have tried to snipe the other team, but I have not been able to contribute as much by doing that as opposed to rushing through enemy lines and splattering and killing everything in sight.

Right now I'm level 17 and really trying to get to level 20 to unlock all the weapons, more specifically the aerospray. I've been killed by that gun a lot of times and it makes me think that it must be a good gun. What is your opinion of that gun?

Thanks! Also, team plane or team cars?
I use the Tentatek Splattershot for all modes. It seems to work for me when I am in any situation. The Octobrush is my second pick though.
the Aerospray really covers a lot of ground fast, but not much damage. Hard to believe, isn't it?

i was team planes, using the Splat Roller for most of it.

Splat Zones: depending on the level, i may use a Charger

Turf war: im digging the Slosher and Tri sloshed

Rainmaker I've only played a few times, so couldn't say.

In a nutshell, i like to keep trying all the weapons in different situations, especially if I'm getting destroyed, like last night at Splatfest!

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