Favorite Street Fighter 2 Character

Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Combat?

  • Street Fighter 2

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  • Mortal Combat

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  • Both- Do I really have to choose?

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  • Neither, I have my reasons.

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Feb 17, 2015
North MS, U.S
Super NES
Street Fighter 2 is an all time favorite for the Super Nintendo. In my opinion, it is more enjoyable than Mortal Kombat- but that is just a personal preference.

My favorite character, Chun-Li. Her character is easy to use and her techniques are faster compared to most of the others. Her legs extend a pretty good bit, her punches and kicks are simple, and once you learn her "Spinning Bird Kick", it is game over for your opponent.

Everyone has their own favorite characters, and of course, for fighting styles and techniques. Who did you win your story mode/friendly battles with? What techniques/moves did you favor to help you win?
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Both, do I really have to choose? Both are wonderful for their own rights; their own story and lore. I'd lean more towards Street Fighter, though, as I've played most of them since I grew up whereas I only played Mortal Kombat as a kid, never on the newer consoles.

My favorite character is either Zangief, Ryu, or Juri. I like them all and can play them all (in any video game) but certain playstyles just match. and I love the rage you get when you chain grab and slam someone to death on Zangief. It's like you can literally hear the sigh of disbelief through Xbox live...
Ryu all the way for me. His the most balanced character of the lot and I'm just so used to executing his moves. Even when I bought Street Fighter IV, I tried out some of the new characters but eventually got back to using Ryu. Capcom got him just right in Street Fighter 2, which is why this is such a legendary fighting game. Chun-Li is pretty fun to play too, though I seldom use her for more than one play through.
Guile was always interesting as well, though hard to play. At points with his charge down hold up kicks, but a properly played sonic boomer is a scary sight!
My favorite character in the game is Chun Li because she has the fastest kicks. My favorite player move in the game is the spinning pile driver by Zangief. If you can execute that move there's no stopping you.