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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
Valentine's Day is almost here, which means everyone and everything is focused on love and couples and all that stuff. It got me thinking about love and couples within video games.

So, what are your favorite video game couples?

My girlfriend and I made a video about five of our favorites over on our YouTube channel:

I just noticed my picks stem from Final Fantasy mostly...

1. The Prince and Farah from Prince of Persia series. I loved their witty go-betweens.

2. Yuna and Tidus. That End. T_T

3. Link and Zelda. You pretty much said it. Destined to find each other, just to lose each other again.

4. Cloud and Aeris. Damn U Final Fantasy T_T killin my faves. I loved her limit breaks! And her tending to flowers T_T

5. Mario and Peach. You explained it pretty well.
Here are my top three:

1. Link and Zelda, they were perfect for each other never seem to be together long before destiny sets in.

2. Mario and Peach, the only problem with this one is she seemed to always be the "run away bride." lol

3. Yuna and Tidus, the whole game you just love the love that goes on between them. Stupid Dreams of the Faith!
If I could add a sixth,

6. Elena and Nathan, Uncharted Series. They just felt realistic and down to Earth; much more then his exploits grabbing treasure seem to be anyways. Their go betweens were decent.
Kaim and Sarah from Lost Odyssey were another one of my favorites. Did anyone ever play that game for the 360?

Here are the love birds :p

I just noticed my picks stem from Final Fantasy mostly...

Haha, we totally know what you mean about the FF influence. We actually made a video all about Final Fantasy love stories, too :p

The Prince and Farah are definitely a great one, especially the way some of the games end. So touching. And we don't think we'll ever get over what happend to Aeris in FFVII T_T
So agree with you, PrideKidd. Peach does seem to get cold feet quite often :p And with Tidus and Yuna, the way things developed was just perfect.

I've never played Lost Odyssey, but I remember hearing about it. Gotta go check it out now :)
Lost Od was a fantastic game and story. Like-able characters too. Should check it out.

I'll check out yer FF love video here in a bit :D
C'mon, you guys:

Number one couple of all time: Mario & Luigi o_O

Yes, an incestual couple but still. Think about it. They're always together doing the same things & struggling through the same challenges while coming together when it counts. Not making out (because this is Nintendo) but...

All this while Peach is off somewhere avoiding Mario. Probably doing whatever with Toad. Which explains why he always tells Mario that she's in another castle. She's probably hiding under the bed. Oh yea & THIS:
During a presentation of the video game Pikmin 3 in Tokyo, Miyamoto was questioned by the press about studies suggesting that children perceived the mustachioed Mario Bros. characters as a gay couple.

Miyamoto said:

“That was the original intent of the game, as a game full of signs of gay culture. Luigi and Mario were a gay couple trying to meet the challenges of a society that rejects them. Later, when introduced to the international market, we adapted some content and intentions to reach a Western audience. But if you look carefully, many of the original concepts are present.”

Haha, those two do spend an awful lot of time together :p And we're totally not gonna argue with you about Peach always spending so much time "in another castle" and what that means :p
Is he slapping her behind??? This thread has gone to some very adult places in a couple of days. :D
I wish that my answer were more obscure and esoteric, but I'm honestly going to be with the popular opinion and vote for Link and Zelda! Their's is a tale of high fantasy and fate that spans generations of Links and Zeldas! Moreover, by the time we reach Ocarina of Time: Zelda's character has been expanded well beyond the damsel in distress cliché! (For very similar reasons, I would vote for Ganon(dorf) as one of the greatest antagonists in video games.)

I consider myself to be a very liberal and progressive person and am totally for expanding this list to consider couples beyond the traditional heterosexual pairings. In fact, it is worth noting that Birdo's gender and orientation is rather ambiguous, unspecified, and fluid--with some games suggesting an effeminate female, others suggesting an effeminate cross-dressing homosexual male, and still others suggesting a transgendered male-to-female! In addition to that, Yoshi and Birdo are clearly not even the same species! However, I cringed somewhat at the Mario and Luigi post--they're unquestionably biological brothers! Although the risk of breeding genetically deficient children doesn't apply to homosexual incest, it's still incest and is a very icky proposition! (The same goes for all of the slash fiction out there about Supernatural's Winchester brothers, Thor and Loki, etc!)
Adding in another:


Alan and Alice Wake. They have their fair share of problems to be sure, but they're also meant for each other. You can tell.
Still got to give Yuna & Tidus some credit..I was hoping all game long they would end up together but alas no..it was saddening. but your post Joan made me smile in so many ways!

I always knew I was drawn to Mario and Luigi for a reason...now I know what it really was. lol. :)
You just wish it was a hoax because you wear a Mario Hat hahah :rolleyes:

It's okay to be flamboyant and proud! Dance with rainbowwwws.


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