Favorite way to play games

Donkey Punch

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Oct 15, 2012
My favorite way to play games is to relax in the evening after work/school in a nice beanbag-type chair, kick back and play a really good adventure or sports game. There better not be any noise coming from other parts of the house or people interrupting me during gaming. And if it's winter time, the heat should be full on so I'm nice and warm. After the gaming session, I will go in the kitchen and have a mean sandwich and then go to bed.

And that's how I like to play games.
My favourite way to play games is to assume the worst posture I can either lying length-wise on the couch with my laptop on my lap or sitting in a spinny-cushion-y chair akin to L out of Deathnote. After successfully dooming any chance of sexual attraction in my later years by germinating the seed of a hunchback, I open up skype on my laptop and whistle my nerd-call to see who's ready for a game, at which point we play most anything team-based or rpg-esque.

When I'm not doing that, I'm asleep or playing/coding flash games.
This is exactly how I play games as well. I'm not really into the violent games or the action/shooter games - I much prefer a slower more relaxing game. My favorite game to relax with lately has been the Pikmin re-release on the Wii - it's perfectly structured as a way to come home and relax for 15 minutes.
I like to have the TV on in the background if I'm playing a handheld game because I like having ambient noise. Depending on the difficulty I also like to curl up into a ball and shove my face as close as possible to the screen so I can fully concentrate. If it's on a TV I like to sit at the edge of my seat with my feet solidly on the floor for MAXIMUM efficiency. This is for competitive games though. If it's a relaxing game then I prefer to very laying down while I play.
I used to game with headphones. But the where I live is kind of crazy so got rid of the headphones. I tend to play games in the dark which may not the best thing I can do for my eyes. A drink is usually next to me. Either a drink or a soda and I normally keep the volume at medium level so I can hear other stuff going on around me.
My friend and I love playing SNES because it makes us feel like kids again. Unfortunately, Super Mario World is way too easy at our age because we have beaten it so many times. In order to make it more challenging and fun we play like video game Horse. Like in basketball, you have to beat a level a certain way then the next person has to match it or else they get the letter H. And so on so forth.

Some of our favorites are doing the first few levels that everyone knows blindfolded. Or playing with our feet. Or playing with the remote upside down. Or playing with our head upside down. It all makes for a lot of fun, you would be surprised.

When we don't wanna compete we do co-op on some levels. My friend will hold half the controller and be in charge of all the jumps buttons while I hold the other half of the controller and decide the directions. Also a lot of fun!
It's funny you mention noise and talking when you're playing, because it annoys me too :D. Realistically, I know it's too much for me to expect, but I'd just like some silent concentration time when I'm playing. This is especially true because I tend to play games with either a deep story, or a high difficulty. Laying on the couch in pure silence is complete bliss for me when playing games.
In my bedroom stretched across the bed wearing headphones with the lights off and the fan on.... yes even in winter. My roommates keep the heater cranked during winter and I have delicate sinuses. No eating or drinking and very few bathroom breaks. Mostly horror and RPGs with weirdness and fusions sprinkled about liberally.
I love kicking it back on my couch and playing any FPS games after a long day at school. Even though I have a bunch of homework and reading to do, i'd rather relax for a bit then come back to reality. I release all the stress the day has laid on me on the little kids I destroy. Nothings more satisfying than hearing some 10 year old cry out because he keeps getting killed by me.
On my bed, with a box of mushroom pizza and four 2 litters bottles of Pepsi, chips, nuts. with easy to access gaming consoles. After A long day of skateboarding and longboarding across two cities in Connecticut. and 2 hours at the skate park. Still trying to land that 540 spin on the half pipe.