Favorite Zelda bosses!


Feb 20, 2013
So which ones are your favorite bosses?
One of my favourites in Ocarina of Time was the fight in the water temple, where you had to fight your own mirrored figure.
And also in the Lost woods temple where you fight with Ganandorf comming out of each painting in the wall.
I hated the Mirro link, it was just annoying!
I did like Forest Ganondorf but I think my favourite was the Witch Twins with the fire and ice and having to use the mirror shield to absorb the opposite of the witch then fire it back at them. That was really cool :)
I have to say my favourite boss in the Legend of Zelda franchise is Goht in Majora's Mask. There's no other boss like him, he's just so fun to play. Plus, it gives you some practice for the inevitable Goron Races, which are damn near impossible without memorizing the track down to the square inch.
One that sticks out in my mind was the boss in the swamp from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The eyeball covered in...something...and sitting in a pool of it's own goo was classic monster fun. For a kid into horror movies and scary books, the concept of disembodied eyeballs was too good to pass up.

I also loved the final fights in both Windwaker and Twilight Princess. I especially found the wolf-gannon/feral hog battle to be intense.
My favorite boss would be the water temple in the ocarina of time. seemed so easy to me. only thing is the stage was longer for the water temple other than the forest temple.
My favorite boss was probably Kalle Demos from Wind Waker in the Forbidden Woods. I remember having to stop playing at that part of the game because I had rented the copy, so it took forever to get back to that point when I finally bought my own copy. I loved using the boomerang on it because I could hit so many of its vines at once. It was a pretty easy boss, but it was really well-designed, if you ask me. It was also cool to look at, especially since the art style of that game was so cool to begin with.
My favorite boss was the two witch sisters in Gerudo family from Ocarina of time. It was fun to have to absorb their powers into my mirror shield so that I could blast it back towards them. The most aggravating boss in the game was water spirit (I forgot the name) from the Water Temple. He wasn't necessarily difficult, it was just that I despised everything about the Water Temple, so I just wanted to move on by the time I actually reached him.
Yes, you know! The sister are loads of fun and you have to be paying attention and strategic with them to get the blasts right.

I think we'd all agree on the length of time it takes to complete the water temple. It is a long and arduos process indeed.
Funnily enough, it took me less time to complete the water temple on Master Quest than it did in the original version.
I liked the green unicorn/dragon from the NES Zelda game. He was a cool little fellow. Until I spiked him with my fully charged sword.

My favorite zelda boss is... The second boss in MM, I forget the name though.
My favourite pair of boss fights in The Legend of Zelda series are the final battles with Ganon(dorf) at the end of the N64's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

Why? Just look at how dramatically and theatrically Ocarina of Time ends:

In true dramatic flare, Link rushes up a winding, carpeted staircase filled with organ music. Upon reaching the top of the staircase, Link enters a giant room and discovers that Ganondorf is playing the organ, as if he was The Phantom of the Opera! Ganondorf then stops playing, engages in a bit of villainous banter, flips his cape back, levitates, is declared "The King of Evil," and starts a battle in which he and Link bat balls of lightning back and forth between one another!

After Link defeats Ganondorf, he and Zelda rush down the stairs and out of the palace as it crumbles!

Just as it seems like their struggle is over, Ganondorf rises from the rubble (like a horror villain) and transforms before their eyes into the demonic boar Ganon! Link must now somehow battle this unholy beast as the sages prepare a spell to banish him to the Dark World! (Fun fact: Navi will flat out tell Link that he has no idea how to fight Ganon!)

And as Ganon is finally being pulled into the Dark World, he curses the descendants of Link and Zelda for generations to come!

Epic! That's you give a game's final boss the weight and gravitas it truly deserves!
My favorite boss would have to be Fyrus from the Goron Mines in Twilight Princess. Though he was a little easy, it was still fun to trip him!
Ganon from OoT, hands down. Either that or the bosses from Oracle of Ages or Seasons.
I really loved the final series of battles in Twilight Princess (Puppet Zelda, Dark Beast Ganon, Ganondorf on horseback, and finally Dark Lord Ganondorf).

I also really liked Girahim, I thought he was a fun/interesting bad guy. I liked Zant a lot, too.
Zant! I found him to be the creepiest boss in the entire series, more than Girahim, and certainly more than Ganondorf. I'll never forget that end-scene neck-crick. I suppose I should have expected a game called "Twilight" Princess would be fairly dark, but for a series aimed at children, there was some really macabre/creepy scenes.

Although if we're going by the actual fight, then Ganondorf. Like Jen10dough said, that series of battles was really fun! (And frustrating... and fun...!)
Majoras Mask was one of my favorite Zelda games, and the one I have the most fond memories of. I loved Goht, and it was so different form other bosses. Most other bosses of Ocarina of Time were simple. Use a gadget to hit their weak spot, then hit them with a sword. Goht, on the other hand, was a fast paced, high intensity boss. I remember being so surprised at how different it was from other bosses, and it's one of my favorite parts of Majora's Mask.
The level when you had to fight the mirrored image of myself I think was the most horrible on the game and I think that it is the reason that he was also my favorite. I spent a really long time trying to get past that boss.
Lately my gf and I have been on a pretty big Zelda kick. Catching up on some games we've never played before, revisiting some of our favorites, and getting pretty excited about Zelda Wii U :)

So, we've been expressing that excitement by making more Zleda videos over on our YouTube channel! Today's video is about our favorite boss fights throughout the franchise.

There are a lot of amazing boss fights in each game, so narrowing it down was pretty tough. Which fights are your favorite?
Zelda Bosses, eh.

1. Twinrova. Using the shield. Their attacks. Their funny commentaries at points. The fact the ledge for the arena was up high and you COULD fall down.

2. Koloktos, from SS. That was the epitome of fun with the WII motion controls. It was fun using his weapon against him too.

3. Molgera. I shouldn't have to explain, everyone knows. EVERYONE who has played it knows.

4. Ganon, Link to the Past. That floating sword. Fireballs everywhere. And HE WARPS? AND you can fall and it restarts the battle? UGH

5. Taken from another site because I agree entirely:

"Now when I say Dark Link is hard he is hard. Just imagine you just beat Thunderbird and you have low magic and health with only one life left. You enter the final room and Dark Link attacks you but you live in the 1990s and know nothing about the cheat where you crouch in the corner and slash. You have to fight him head on with low health and you are as people say ******. Dark Link is hard AND HE SHOULD JUST GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF SINCE THAT WOULD BE COOL!!!!"

There. I also loved your video. Haha, Yogurt....

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