Favourite mask in Majora's Mask?


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Apr 26, 2016
Masks were an incredibly innovative and funny mechanic in Majora's Mask, which freshened gameplay but also represented tokens of the tragic story behind each side-character. Which one did you prefer?

For me, it has to be the Deku Mask. Not only it's the first mask you get in the whole game, but it's the emblem of what masks truly represent in the game: first of all, it can only grant a new form by taking someone else's life (the Deku Butler's son you meet at the very beginning of the game), and, furthermore, it gives access to new mechanics (Deku Flower) you need to use the resolve puzzles. Also, its transformation scared me to death the first time I saw it.
Mine would have to be the Goron Mask. I liked it due to power it gave Link from the fire resistance to the incredibly strength. Not to mention his ground-pound move and his ability to roll so fast he creates spikes. The Gorons have always been my favorite part of Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. Especially since we get a lot of our better items from them like new bombs, fire tunic, lens of truth, etc. I also like the Goron Mask because he gets to play the banjos whenever we play a song in the game. The only downfall is that they can't swim.
Well this really takes me back. I spent so much time on this game when I was growing up, and I am embarrassed to admit it, but I never did beat it. It took me forever to beat the first one, but I did not get around to this one. I got close though, I do remember that. For my favorite mask though, I am not too sure as I do not remember all that much, but I do remember there was a pig one where he could smell things that otherwise would not be able to, and that was pretty funny, so I pick that one.
I think the fury mask would've been my favorite if I ever got it.
My favorite mask was the Couple one, because of the story. It was a little bit troublesome to get it at the beginning, however, it just goes straight to the feels :(
Oni Link, or the Fierce Deity Mask, which was the name they came up with for the English version. Honestly I am surprised there's no spin off featuring this mask, or the spirit behind the mask. It would make such a interesting prequel. Think about it, it could be another Link. Or, it could be an entirely new character, which means it will break the tradition of a Zelda game where Link isn't the protagonist.

Fierce Deity Link is not mentioned in any other games in the Zelda series and I think this is a wasted potential. Well, him appearing in Hyrule Warriors is a nice surprise, but that's not enough for me :p What is the relation between the spirit in the mask and the majora mask? Why do the majora kid on the moon possessed the mask? Why give the mask to Link if it means the doom of Majora's Mask?

I wish they do a new game to explain all the unexplained plot in Majora Mask.
@CeliVega I love the idea! I mean, the boss battle without the Fierce Deity Mask it's quite trouble some. I hope the makers somehow see your idea of a prequel based on that mask. Also, have you seen the theory that says that Majora's Link is actually dead?

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