Favourite Rockstar Game?


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Jan 29, 2014
This one was pretty tough for me. I'm not all about GTA. I mean, I enjoy the games but I would not say it was their best effort. If I had to choose ONE it would be Red Dead Redemption. I would love to choose Warriors or Bully (because those were fantastic games) but the story within Red Dead Redemption did it for me.

Also, *BONUS QUESTION*: What was the preferred way to play their titles? I always went with various Playstations. Didn't appreciate the Xbox controllers.

What about you guys?
I don't know - they have open world (GTA and Bully) which is a major hit with me, as well as horror (Manhunt, the Suffering, etc) another big hit for me, and of course randomness (Warriors, Red Dead Redemption, etc) which is my third favorite thing (except when it's my 1st/2nd favorite thing). That said I guess my favorite would be GTA: Vice City.
I love the xbox 360 controllers. Personally my favorite happens to be L.A. Noire. I just loved the story line and the achievements were relatively easy. I still have to play the DLC to this game.
I like Bully for the Wii. Love that game. I can swing the Wiimote and Nunchuck, like I'm punching people. freaking funny game.
The GTA series is definitely my favorite. I used to play a lot of GTA 3, San Andreas, and Vice City. As for my preferred way to play it is definitely PC. I'm not a huge fan of playing these games with a controller.
Red Dead Redemption, very easy choice for me. It feels like rockstar put the most effort out of all of their games into this one and it really shows. The graphics are awesome in this game and the story is one of the best they have ever made. The GTA series comes really close, but lacks the feel of adventure and freedom that I think Red Dead really excelled in.
I have to say the Grand Theft Auto series. I've always been for a game that allows you to cause mayhem and havoc. Mainly because of the that doing something to that effect in real life...not a good idea. It's good to just let loose and just let your inter psychopaths roams. (I'm sorry, I meant "Puckish Rogue." :p Hand five to whoever gets that reference!)

I prefer the Playstation controller, myself. It less bulky and comfy.
I'm gonna have to go with Red Dead Redemption. I just love that time period in American history and I loved the story. Throughout the game I felt a real connection to John Marston and truly felt like a cowboy. In addition the game was drop dead gorgeous. Even the multiplayer was fun, I couldn't get enough of the adrenaline rush of being most wanted in a lobby and having everyone after you.
Red Dead Redemption, because I have a thing for our old-west stories here. And they did it in such great detail it was a good analogy to express it - the dirty, thieving, killing, back-stabbing old west. Everyone thinks of it like a peaceful farm place. It was hell, Native Americans could kill you, plagues, diseases, sickness too.

Yeah. Also being the most hunted man, and set up ambushes for people chasing you to get higher bounties on yer head was one of my favorites. Of course GTA has to be mentioned, but I feel this is one of Rockstar's Crown jewels.
Hello Shimus,

Mine would have to be G.T.A. 5. My husband and I used to play that game for hours on end. We liked to grief people in that game, it was fun to chase people down in a tank lol.

The Mini-games were also a lot of fun, Golf, Darts & Arm wrestling. All the cars to choose from and I stuck by my Cheetah through it all ( once I could afford the cheetah that is :) )
Yeah, griefing in five was a lot of fun. Rolling over people with tanks. I half expect people like us is the reason they put those restriction on the levels for the tank to begin with.
Oh, For sure! but I used to get my husband and friends together and go to this bridge underpass, you could 4 tanks looking in each direction then we would all place bounties on each others head so we turned red and people would hunt us.
Little did they know. lol :)


Oh the memories.
Actually, none of the GTA game stuck a chord with me except for Vice City. My favorite Rockstar game is Manhunt by a mile. Bought this game on the PS2 on day one, just shows the kind of sick puppy I am.

Loved the snuff movie vibe but deep down it was a pretty damn good stealth action game. My second favorite Rockstar game is The Warriors which was beat 'em-up based on the cult 70's film - can you dig it?

I keep hearing about Rockstar games, and I own quite a few of them on my Xbox 360 but I'm notoriously bad at taking the time to play them. I still have Red Dead Redemption sealed and un-played. I've played a few hours of GTA IV and a few hours of LA Noire but I'm very far from finishing them. I love the games, I just have a huge back log. It's a bit embarrassing, but the Rockstar game I've played the most is Midnight Club: Los Angeles.
Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption are my two favorites.