Final Fantasy 7 Remake


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Aug 5, 2013
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Can't believe it, but its happening! The waited remake!
Lol took them what, 18 years?
more like 7-9 years since fans have been demanding this, but I'm happy to see the game come out for the latest PS system. I just hope they do this justice.
This is going to be awesome! FF7 is one of my favorite games all time. Definitely going to be getting this one.
They are saying now they are reimagining it, meaning things will be changing in this release and hopefully for the better.
I wonder if the toy soldiers will actually serve a purpose in this remake! And/or if Square will include one of the many rumoured ways to resurrect Aeris! ;)
I just hope they don't change too much in the meanwhile remaking it. It would be a shame to lose some of the content. Hopefully they just redid all cinematics/ingame play to look spiffy instead of blocky-looking world-map textures.
I wonder if the toy soldiers will actually serve a purpose in this remake! And/or if Square will include one of the many rumoured ways to resurrect Aeris! ;)

They have enough time and the resources to make everything they want happen to happen in this game. Though they may leave them useless for old time kicks.
When I saw you say "leave them useless" why did I just picture a bunch of soldiers in the back of the van cheering on Seph and Cloud LOL.

though, I can't wait to see the world map, the cinematics, the actual game-play It's like a dream come true, one I've waited nearly my entire life for. I hope they just don't shred it to pieces like a lot of remakes are known to do - but at least it's Squeenix doing it and not some other company.
Beyond merely updating the graphics, sound, etc: I would be totally fine with Square building upon the original and adding in a few new things (as per my previous comment, initial joking aside).

However, I would be against removing or substituting all but the most minor elements of the original in this remake.

I think we're generally safe on both scores though, as this article confirms that the remake will go beyond merely updating the graphics but also assures us that even the wacky shenanigans of Cloud cross-dressing to infiltrate a brothel will be included in this remake! ;)
Well that IS re-assuring, I guess. I just hope it pans out that way.

I can only imagine all the fanboys crying foul if their favorite bits get changed/edited now. It already sounds like laughter on my ears; but I won't lie and say I wouldn't be angry if they switched things, I wouldn't cry out. But I see the boards piling up with content "YOU CHANGED THIS BLAHBLAHBLAH" lol.
I want to see them update it a little but not completely. Overall I did like the combat turn-based system on it more so than games later in the series like FF13... I think some tweaking can be had, but hoping there isn't a major overhaul to it or the material system. And who knows maybe they will throw a few more easter eggs in like (being able to revive Aries finally :p)
I just hope it's worth the money and well done so I don't hear fans griping how horribly it was re-done. Maybe add more side-game stuff like map-exploring (ala KOTR Golden Chocobo Style) or simply racing/gambling in Gold Saucer.. just more stuff to DO. The storyline was already good.
I just hope they tease more trailers of how it'll look, or a gameplay demo. I just don't want to be crushed after hoping for a lot out of it. A lot people are going in with expectations at above 80% or higher, though I have a feeling Square-Enix is going to nail it -

More TRAILERS for the TRAILER GOD! *thumps staff*
Final Fantasy 7 is my favorite game of all time. For the story, the expansive world, the diverse cast of characters. But most of all for the Materia-infused turn-based battle system. Here's to hoping that is retained, otherwise they must strip the game of the name FF7.

There was a point in time when an RPG was measured by its story and its battle system. What new devices did battle employ? What could make the most tedious part for most (random battles on the map!) into something fun and engaging? Honestly, FF7 is materia. Anything else is just shell of the former greatness.

If this game implements real-time battles, it would be a different game with the same story. Plagiarism is you will. Let us hope the game retains the engine that made the legacy of Final Fantasy mean something to the previous generation of gamers.