Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
Most people would argue that this game doesn't belong in the franchise, or that it was horrible and had no direction. Those people would be wrong.

The deviations from the main FF series staples are eliminated, such as no more random battles but chosen ones, manual equipment and changes, and the party system. The game received middling reviews and sales in North America and Japan, citing its simplified gameplay and lack of depth in the game's story. Over time, the game has kept the reputation for being a "beginner's Final Fantasy" and has been praised for its music.

I grew up playing it, then people of today all cut the game down. I think they were brave to try something else new after their first final fantasy took off and was running. They experimented, and where it may have "flopped" a bit, it was a beautiful game.

Have you played it? If so, what are your thoughts, concerns, problems, or general dislikes? Let me know!
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest isn't a numbered Final Fantasy game and thus simply, objectively doesn't belong in that main franchise: it's a side game, like the Final Fantasy Tactics series. Moreover, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is a simpler, more stock game compared to the main Final Fantasy franchise. However, none of that means that it is automatically a terrible game--far from it!

I find Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest to be a great introduction to RPGs for younger games, a first step to wet one's feet before leaping into deeper, more complex waters like the main Final Fantasy franchise or Chrono Trigger. In fact, that's precisely my relationship with Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest: it was the first RPG I played as a young lad, and hooked me onto the genre. As such, it's a special game for me.
Nice story, I like to see feedback on what I post. So I wasn't wrong in assuming other players didn't mind the game as well. It had some sellable points and features, and back in the day I had devoured every other game on the SNES (My mother was running a video store called Hollywood Videos) and I got to take home the consoles and games for longer than rental (like, forever lol) and spoil myself by taking handfulls of games back home. I was that kid other kids hated because the game they wanted was rented out each time they came into the store haha.
Mystic Quest used to be my first and favorite game for the SNES. Sure, the story is nothing worth mentioning and the gameplay is pretty basic, but the soundtrack really helps to make it a memorable experience. The first time I played it I was like 5 years and it was great so have an RPG game that wasn't so hard to understand. I remember when Final Fantasy 7 came out, also when I was 5 years old, and my brother played it. I didn't understand anything. Mystic Quest however was something I was able to play and have fun with, and it's thanks to this game that I've become a fan of JRPGs. If I think about it, it's probably also thanks to this game that all of my life nowadays revolves around japanese games and culture, which is quite nice since I love my life the way it is right now.
I've never actually played any of the FF series myself (I know that's a travesty. My friends have plans to rectify this), but I've having fun watching my boyfriend play through it with one of our best friends. (In case you're interested, we actually filmed this in Let's Play style. If you wanted to watch his reactions/hear Rob's fond remembrance of it you can do so here :)

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