Final Fantasy series (GBA)

Sep 13, 2015
Game Boy Advance
Recently I came across the Final Fantasy 4 game for GBA. I was playing it just because I like the game a lot, ever since its version to SNES. One thing I noticed, though, was that not only it had some differences with the SNES version - as for example, Cecil, the main character, had a skill named "Darkness", which would damage every single mob at cost of his own hp - when compared to each other. Not only that, but when you ended the game, you could do it again with different characters, something that you could never do in the SNES version. And I found that amazing.

I've never played the other FF games for GBA, and I wanted to know if there are differences like those mentioned before, when comparing the GBA version to the SNES version. And, by the way, if you played and liked the FF4 for SNES, I really recommend the GBA version, as it has unique improvements throughout the gameplay.
They also re-translated the GBA version, so the dialogues made more sense. Unfortunately, the sound on GBA was inferior to the SNES, and the resolution was also lower.

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