Fire Emblem Fates


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Feb 17, 2015

So if not mistake this was released in Japan today. Awakening was the second game I played on my 3DS and I loved it so much. When I heard about this got me so excited. I am hoping they have just the special edition so I can just buy both versions of the game. If they don't I will still buy them I suppose just cause I am a sucker lol.

Anyone else excited for this? USA won't get it till 2016 though....:(
You know, I've never had the pleasure of playing a Fire Emblem game, but I'm been told by everyone who has that they're an amazing series of games.
So, whenever I can get my hands on a 3DS, I'm sure I'll be picking this up as well. It can't come soon enough. :D
I have only played awakening but it is like one of my favorite games that I have played so FE fates, If, whatever people will call It has got my money already.
I'm extremely excited for Fire Emblem Fates. I got into the series through Awakening and absolutely loved it, so when I heard about the new game, I followed it obsessively. I can't believe that it's going to be released in 2016, but from what I've seen in the Japanese livestreams, the wait will be worth it.
At first I though I was definitely going to go with the Anya/Nohr path, just judging from the siblings that the avatar teams up with in that route. (Leon's design really caught my eye!) Even so, after learning about the Byakuya/Hoshido siblings, I really learned to love both sides of the family. I guess that just means I'll be getting both versions of the game, along with the Invisible Kingdom DLC!

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