Fire Emblem on mobile.....good or a bad thing?


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Jun 27, 2016
So I haven't seen a dedicated thread about Fire Emblem on Mobile so here it is.

After the reveal....I'm really paranoid of how this is going to end up. I mean, its already revealed that its going to be free to play.

My first worries about this are as follows

Let's see how they can screw this up.

1. Not allowing players to reset the game when a unit dies. If you want the unit alive, use microtransactions.

2. Have a certain turn limit where if you want more turns, use microtransactions.

3. If you want specific weapons, use Microtransactions.

4. If you want to develop relationships or the "waifu" mechanic, get more maps through microtransactions.

5. Forge your weapons with microtransactions.

6. Reclassing can work through microtransactions.

7. Getting skills now needs microtransactions.

8. Unlocking more stories requires microtransactions. (Fates is better than what this one will ever be btw!)

9. Treasure chests can only open through microtransactions.

10. And lastly, Units can only be recruited with Microtransactions.

If this mobile game is the way of saying like we won't make anymore FE games on Handhelds/Consoles, this looks like a bad move. But I'm pretty positive here that's not the case. I'm only worried if it gets more profit that it simply would alienate the fans further and that if that does end up having FE series ending on a sad note.
I may be mistaken here but I'm feeling that microtransactions are going to play a big part in it then? haha!

Personally, if that is the case then I have a feeling they might have shot themselves in the foot and I think that most games that are ported over to mobile aren't all that good anyway, to have the game seemingly based on microtransaction as well, I simply can't see it taking off and becoming popular. While I might not go as far as to say it's the end for Fire Emblem, it's certainly not going to help the franchise grow.
Well thanks for the quick laugh @pwarbi - and yes, it does seem like we are really in for some major microtransacting when this games gets to mobile. I am with you though, I cannot really see it being anything great and I just think it will kind of pass by without really getting much recognition. I am curious to see what the market will look like though, and so I will have to stay tuned. Thanks for sharing.
Personally, if that is the case then I have a feeling they might have shot themselves in the foot

I was just about to say the same thing about the microtransactions. It seems like they were used for everything, well they were. I don't think it would be popular as well because it definitely won't help the franchise like you said.

They'd have to know that this would not be the best move.
It kind of begs the question for me though, surely they must have known that it wasn't going to be a popular move, so why would they go ahead with the idea in the first place? Micro transactions I think are going to become more and more popular, but at the same time for a game like this then surely they must have realised that it will actually stop people from buying the game, so whatever they do make on the micro transactions, they'll lose out on actual sales.

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