First Free to Play Game Coming to the 3DS


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Jul 17, 2013
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Darumeshi Sports Shop is a 3DS Nintendo eShop title about a gag manga-styled dog named Darumeshi Inuji, who is in charge of running a sporting goods store. It also has various mini-games.
Well it's certainly not something that I would have expected, and it does look very Japanese, I'm not sure how well it will catch on in the West but it looks like a very cheap Wii game that you would expect to find in a bargain basket. But hey, it's free!

I thought that Nintendo said a few months ago that their first "Free to Play" game was going to be "Steel Diver". That makes me think that this "Darumeshi Sports Shop" game is going to be a Japanese-only game. Just a guess. But I could of sworn that Nintendo has already announced that Steel Diver was going to be their first Free to Play game. But to be honest, I haven't been on the 3DS eShop in a long time. I've had too many retail titles to play through to even glance in the eShop. Also, when I'm not playing my 3DS, I'm playing my Wii U instead. So I haven't even seen the 3DS eShop in quite some time. But I'm fairly positive that Nintendo announced several months back that Steel Diver was going to be the first Free to Play title. I'm guessing that this Darumeshi Sports Shop game is going to be a Japanese only title, and that Steel Diver is going to be the first American title to go Free To Play. I'll have to look into that tho, because if it is in the 3DS eShop, right now, I might as well pick it up. Can't beat "free". Might as well get it and try it out for myself, if it's available. Not sure it is tho, as again, I'm fairly positive that this is a Japanese title. Not sure when the American releases will start, but I think it'll be closer to the holidays.

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