First Party Acquisition (Internal Rumor)


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Apr 24, 2015
In December, an internal memo was sent throughout the Nintendo company (NoJ, NoA, NoE) detailing a list of potential acquisitions of both publishers and developers. The list, in order of desire is as follows:
  • Sega Sammy
  • Rare
  • Namco - Bandai
  • Konami
  • Capcom
Today, as I was leaving my office in Seattle, I was informed by my superior that an acquistion was underway, and that although the information was above my paygrade, it would be finalized for the Q3 report.

This means one of these five companies have been bought out by Nintendo of Japan.
LOL @ Rare
Let's pretend this is true for a moment. These five potential acquisition targets are very different companies, with some being in much better financial health than others (and thus easier to buy).

Rare is obviously owned by Nintendo's competitor, so it can't possibly be on the list, unless Microsoft is planning to disband their Xbox division and forgot to tell everyone.

Sega has been doing poorly for over a decade and would make an attractive purchase for the strength of its back catalog alone. Not sure how much development talent there's actually left at Sega in Japan today, and of course there's Sammy's pachinko business that Nintendo probably couldn't care less about.

Capcom and Konami would be a Nintendo fan's wet dream. Rumors and/or wishful thinking about Nintendo buying either one of them have been around since the "megaton" days, but none of that ever came to fruition.

Namco-Bandai I don't know. Not sure who the heck needs them, and they wouldn't be cheap anyway.

For what it's worth, Nintendo has stated in the past that they are not very acquisition-minded when it comes to buying out competitors. But they do seem to lack the development resources to churn out AAA first-party titles like they used to and may perhaps benefit from a talent infusion.
Why is this posted in the Nintendo NX section? Moving to General Gaming.
I came over from reddit and have a question for OP. What department do you work in at NOA and what do you do there?
Hey, I write at a news site. If you have a way of verifying that you do work for Nintendo, and that this is true (even privately), we can get this out there for you.
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I will believe it when I see it. Professor E. Gadd basically said it. Sega seems like the safest bet if they are buying another company.
awesome all the way around. I'm just glad NOT to be hearing they're going out of business and such..

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