First Person Shooters on the N64

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Jun 24, 2013
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From what I recall, the N64 had a good selection of first person shooters. Which one is your favorite? Quake and Doom are the two big ones I played. I never really got into Golden Eye, but I recognize its impact. Hexen is another one I enjoyed. I know I'm forgetting many games.
I was crazy about Golden Eye, I played it a lot when I got my first Nintendo 64. I didn't care that much about the campaign mode, but it sure was fun to play against my brother and his friend and usually end up killing them way more than they did me. Quake is definetly an amazing one though, I didn't play it until some time after I had played it on the computer, but it is still pretty fun. Those are about the only two first person shooters I really played for the 64. I heard good things about Perfect Dark, but I personally never played it.
I think I tried Perfect Dark once or twice, but I can't remember any details. That could mean 2 things; either I have a poor memory, or the game wasn't good enough to leave a lasting impression :) At the time, several of the people I knew had N64s; and they were all game buying machines. I can't even recall how many games I tried until I hear the name.
It could be that you didn't much care for it if you didn't like Golden Eye, since most reviews call it "Spirtual Successor of Golden Eye." Not sure. It is supposed to be heavily related to the Golden Eye game though. I have times like that though, where I remember trying a game based off the name, but then don't really recall anything else about it, for me that was more from renting a bunch of games at once from Blockbuster (Back when people still rented movies instead of using Netflix).
Well, there was the Turok series. Then you had the horrible 007 sequel game that was garbage in comparison to the timeless Golden Eye. Tom Clancy is in there. The South Park game was a first person shooter. There's a few more. Oh! OH! Daikatana (which was gaaaaarbage).
A lot of people I know, got motion sick very easily. I wasn't able to play FPS with anyone. For that reason, I tended to play games that had a story mode, and demonic enemies; as opposed to just death match. Turok was a game I never really played though.
I have that very same problem today. I get pretty nauseous when I've been playing after a while. Makes it a feat and a half to play COD, Halo, and BioShock ever and always. Thank God these games are so unpopular and no one plays them at all. :rolleyes:
First person shooters are not a genre I'm seriously into. However, the N64 was the best console for these types of games during the 32/64-bit generation. GoldenEye 007 was absolutely phenomenal, not only was it an excellent licensed title but also one of the best FPS games I've ever played in my life. Great in single player but even better when you're playing against a bunch of friends, utilizing all 4 controller ports.
Perfect Dark took everything that went right from Goldeneye 007 and made it better, in my opinion. Best FPS on the Nintendo 64, no contest. I spent hours playing the campaign and multiplayer and I downloaded it for the Xbox Arcade when it was re-released a few years back. It's aged pretty well actually, but the controls do feel weird since we're used to Call of Duty, etc.
Lovely. Golden Eye 007 Was obviously a masterpiece in the FPS category but after getting exposed to say... Perfect Dark and The World is Not Enough. I have to give it to the World is Not Enough. It's seemingly a very underrated title but for the time this game was made to how quality the graphics is and how well done the game overall was. I can't forget the fun times I had playing this thing with my friends. Do give it a try. It was even especially fun since we played with cheats that enabled one player to have all the guns and others would try and kill that person to earn that. The levels were also good.
I remember playing 007 a couple of times (my friend had it!) but I don't really remember much of it lol
FPS PC games like DOOM, Quake, and Hexen almost always feel off to me when ported to consoles. There's just something about playing them with a controller rather than a keyboard that feels a bit strange. This feeling is even more egregious with the ports of RTS games like Starcraft. I prefer the original FPS N64 games like Golden Eye for this reason alone.
I love Golden Eye but i have to say that Doom just takes the cake... and the extra shot gun. It was just so fun, i think that it was the inspiration for Modern Warfare to be honest. We used to have LAN cables strung all through the house at my grandma's for like a year and a half, until she found out. There was just something special about killing your friend when they weren't looking and then hearing them being pied of at you in the other room. Its unexplained to say the least.
Golden Eye was it for me. It's the only game I played for days at a time when it came to multiplayer. My sister and I would have EPIC battles. I'm talking about hiding in the bathroom stalls and jumping out with the shotgun blast. I think that's what helped us bond so well. :ROFLMAO:
I loved duke nukem 64.
I just preferred sprite graphics over 3d for first person shooters on N64.
I think it was because th 3d ones always looked out of proportion.
Goldeneye by far my favourite, I remember my brother had it for Christmas when I was about 17, I have vivid memories of how exciting I found this game because I would be at work and just waiting for the days to pass so I could get home to play it. It was so radically different than anything else at the time, truly groundbreaking. Next to that it would be Doom, then probably Perfect Dark.
Turok 1-2 and The World is Not Enough are my faves and i will always maintain The World is Not Enough is better than Goldeneye. Goldeneye Paved the way but this game took it to make it better and really pushed the system visually. It was even fully voice acted.
Goldeneye was probably everyone's favorite and what we all think of first, but I am glad that someone finally mentioned Turok. I loved those games. They were not the most well developed games, at least not from what I remember, but the atmosphere and the style of the game was awesome. The whole hunting in the dark atmosphere is what I am referring to. I wish they would bring that one back.

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