Fortnite coming to Nintendo Switch, possible leak


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Oct 23, 2017
I know leaks are sometimes not true, or not fully true.
That was the case with the rumors and leaks surrounding the iPhone X that had the phone with an all glass front, while it ended up being that, but with a notch on the top also that was not originally thought to be part of the phone. With the Nintendo Switch, then known by it's codename Nintendo NX, it was believed the main controllers for the Switch would be touchscreen, similar to the touch bar on the new Macbook Pro, but on the entire front of a controller, and that it would take a strange design and shape. That also turned out to be not the case, as we later got the Joycons.
With that in mind, this is only a possible leak. Although all of it could be true, very little of Nintendo's games and announcments are ever leaked, and even when that happens, the leaks are very far off from the actual announcment.
A new leak shared to 4chan supposedly contains a photo of a piece of paper that has many of the games to be announced at E3 by Nintendo on it. One of those games is the highly popular Fortnite game, that has seen many super popular gamers and celebrities play it, and also spawned numerous memes.
The 4chan post mentioned can be viewed at:
and here's a good article talking about it from Eurogamer at

The point of this thread is to see what your thoughts are on the game coming to Switch, wether the leak is real or not. If real, what do you think of it's coming out to soon? and if fake, do you think Nintendo and Epic games should announce it at a different time in the future or not release it on Switch at all?
Fortnite on switch was announced at e3 today. I haven't played Fortnite before. It is worth trying? If it is, I might get it on the switch.
@NinjaCat, saw it's official reveal during the Nintendo Direct at E3 2018 live today. I've never played it, but it certainly is popular, and despite my never playing it I'd suggest getting it, simply because it is availible for FREE on the Nintendo eShop and is such a large game to be availible for FREE. It's like making Mario Kart 8 Deluxe free as if they charged $50-60 for it, there'd be a lot of people who'd pay to play it, so wether it's something you'll enjoy or not, you should still get it and try it, as it's free so wether you like it or not you spent no money on it.
yeah, i still have no idea what it is. A co-worker was complaining that his son got $50 for making honor roll and spent it all immediately in game. What is it even about?
@dustinb12 It's the Battle Royale mode. 100 people go into an island, 1 is victorious. Storm comes in and shrinks your play area making it so people have to slowly converge on one area. I've been playing season 4 on PS4. So pissed at the whole "can't bring my progress over to Switch" issue that is a huge issue right now. But whatever, such is life.
@MilkBone ah, ok i got ya. Yeah, i bet at Sony headquarters right about now they're negotiating Fortnight progress for Mario! Haha!
Very disappointed by this game, we quickly realize that the gameplay is actually a continuous rehearsal and we let ourselves be invaded by boredom.
The only positive point could still be the visual, with cartoon style graphics, dynamic, but the rest is bad.

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