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Jun 20, 2013
Pennsylvania USA
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In the other forum I am a part of we used to have a chat room that could be used after a certain number of posts had been made. It was really a cool place to go an meet the other forum members, and helped improve the overall community. I think, with moderation, a chat room could be a huge appeal to new members and guests on the sight, enticing more people to sign up. It could really help improve this forum :)
I think Google's advertisers look down on chat functions in websites, but I'll look into it.
I'm sorry to have to ask, but why would the advertisers look down on chat capability?
Probably because you can't control chat contents as effectively as static pages.
It was the main reason a lot of people liked so much, and when they took it away( because feld0 stopped paying for it) the forums started going down hill. Force 50 posts or something before users gain entrance, it would block spam.
It's not about spam, it's about having to monitor the contents of the chat 24/7, which is not something any site can physically do.
Ok, I understand that. If it hurts advertisement than it probably isn't worth it.