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Sep 19, 2012
As you can see, the forum has been upgraded to a brand-new software package. Everything is much more modern and user-friendly now, and the site is FAST. There are lots of surprises and Easter eggs within, and I think you will find the new site a delight to use. This project has been long in the making, and it's finally complete. The site still has a few rough edges, but I am working in the background and will be adding the finishing touches in the coming days.

You are welcome to leave your feedback in this thread!

@crunchyg its awesome! Good job, well it's past time to get the band back together. Ill check in as much as possible. Easter eggs huh? Ill have to look into that
The forum now has full support for emoji (this is different from the old "smilies"). You can use your phone or computer's emoji keyboard or the button in the forum editor's toolbar to pick a character.

Emojis are universal and should look nice and show in high resolution on all devices.


Old smilies replaced with emoji

Emoji picked via the editor toolbar

Emoji picked via Android keyboard

Old extended smilies set

As you can see above, the old "Extended" smilie set is still available for compatibility purposes (and for nostalgia) but is no longer selectable via shortcuts in the toolbar.

And when I say hi-res, I mean hi-res!

I'll go ahead and continue to use this thread to showcase new forum features.

Gamer profiles


You can now show off your gaming and social profiles right in the thread. To fill out your profiles, click on your avatar at the top of the page and go to "Account details."

Supported profiles include: Steam, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Origin,, Epic, Oculus, Discord, Twitter, and reddit.

Wear your gaming badges with pride!
hey @crunchyg im trying to add my twitter but it goes to someone else with a similar name. Any advice?
If you copy/paste the username exactly as it appears on Twitter, it shouldn't change to anything else.
got it! tech wiz i never claimed to be😁
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