Found a cool way to get your dream Switch accessories made


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Feb 8, 2017
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I just tried a little experiment, and something AWESOME happened!
(I felt this was worth sharing, as many of you may want to try this too!)

When the Switch first got announced, one of my first worries was how open the screen was, and I remembered thinking that I'd love Nintendo to make a tempered glass screen protector like the one I already have on my phone, as those things are pretty solid, and would be a perfect way to make sure the screen of my Switch doesn't accidentally get smashed. But here's the cool part... A few weeks back I got in touch with the company who made the one I have on my phone (as they only did stuff for phones at the time) and so I asked them if they would consider making one for the Nintendo Switch (and told them just how I wanted it). A pretty standard request, and very soon after they sent me an email back saying that they'd love to, and they did! (So you can totally blame me for this one...

(but that's not even the coolest part...)

What was even more encouraging was what they actually wrote in their email.
Here's what they said (and I quote...)

"Thankyou for getting in touch with us. We absolutely loved your idea, and If you or anyone you know ever wants something that doesn't currently exist for the Switch that you'd like us to make, or if you have an idea for a better version of something, then we want you to get in touch with us! If we like your idea and we get enough requests for it, then we're often more than happy to make them! So don't ever be shy to ask for stuff like this. In fact, please do!"

(So this got me thinking.... "you mean I can ask for pretty much anything I want, and they'll make it??")

It turns out there is always quite a few things that I've always wished would exist, yet nobody makes. So I decided to call their bluff and try my luck. I was looking on Amazon the other day for a case for my Switch, and I liked the way Nintendo's Hybrid Cover worked (This one... ). It did pretty much everything I wanted it to, but I really didn't like the color. So I emailed Orzly back and asked them if they would consider making something similar to the case I liked, but that I wanted it thinner and in better colors! (not thinking for a moment that they would actually take my request seriously). ...but they DID!!

Here's what they wrote...

"Nice to hear from you again. We've had quite a few similar requests for this, and we think this will be popular, so you'll be pleased to know that not only have we taken the liberty of getting these made for you, but we're going to be bringing it out in four different colors, and we've now made it available for pre-order on Amazon, which you can find here...

As always, if you have any more great ideas like this, then please feel free to get in touch with us!"

So I'm absolutely over the moon with this, and my mind's now rattling for what else I want! But I'm sure I can't be the only one who has secretly wished for stuff and not being able to find anyone that does things in exactly the way I want them. So I thought I'd share this experience on here with everyone in case anyone else found themselves in similar conundrums and fancied trying their luck.

Of course the one caveat is the part where they said "if we like your idea, and we get enough requests" so who knows what they'll agree to and what they won't. But I figured that starting a thread about this would be a good way to gather enough people so that we can start to see some of the coolest most popular ideas start to happen. We've got nothing to lose, right?

So if there's stuff that you've always secretly wanted, then let's get talking about them here. If enough of us email them about the same (or similar) stuff, it should be interesting to see which ones actually start becoming realities! (and if they don't make all of them, then maybe some other company reading this will. So it's a win/win either way!) ;)

So what would your not yet existent dream Nintendo Switch accessory be?
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Well done for replying so quick! Care to elaborate on specifics of what your ideal dream version would look like? (favorite colors, ideal special custom features, etc, basically whatever you picture when you see your dream stuff in your mind.) -Doesn't even mater if its within the realms of physically possible or not btw. But thought it would be interesting to see what cool ideas people come up with once everyone's creative juices get flowing!! If you could make it do anything you want, what would it do, and when you picture it in your mind, what does it look like? (Even if nothing ever comes of it, it could still be alot of fun!) but if companies actually start to make our visions come to reality, then we'll have done something marvelous!!
Just the standard case but with different hues and perhaps transparent colors and very good protection from drops.
Have you thought about what the ideal mechanism would be for taking the console in and out of the case? (I've thought about doing stuff like this too (but obviously the joy-cons sliding on and off, plus frequent docking, etc, adds another layer of complexity to the whole issue). One way around it might be to do separate parts for the joycons and separate parts for the tablet screen section, but on the other hand, if there was a way to take in and out easy enough without hassle, an all in one solution that held all the bits together might potentially work also. What are your thoughts on this?
Really? Cool! (I don't know that!) I didn't see it in their lineup last time I looked, so it must be new one if they've done one of these aswell! I've just checked on Amazon to see if anything new comes up, but I still can't seem to find it. (but perhaps I'm just not looking properly) What is the one you saw called? (and if so, do you have a link to the one you saw so that I can see it?)
Thanks! No worries, yeah I had seen that one! That one is pretty basic, but I do like how it's slightly taller and has more game cartridge slots than the Hori version of the same thing. I'm in two minds though whether taller or slimmer is better though. (I guess it all depends on how much you need to be carrying at the time), so as they're both about the same price and both quite cheap, I'll probably end up getting both to cover both scenarios. On one hand, being a bit slimmer can be an advantage, but on the other hand, the slimmer one won't be so good at fitting amiibos or proper chargers in there. None of the cases will fit in your pocket so well anyway due to how big the Switch is, so being able to carry more accessories in the slightly taller one is much more useful in that sense! Fortunately I'll already have the cover stand case that I asked them to make whenever I just want to travel light, so I'm already covered for that. But there will always be times where I need to carry more than that (like extra JoyCons, and I sometimes want to put other stuff in there), so that's when the full black travel pouches will come in handy. (the height differences between the two are really not that much anyway, but by the time you've packed a couple of spare joycons, a charger, or anything else you need, sometimes every bit of extra space inside really helps!

I'm just guessing at the sizes though (as I can only really go by what I can tell from the pictures). So I will let you know how each of them are like in person when they finally arrive.

In addition to these, I've also ordered the PDP Zelda Sheikah Eye version too (but that one will take alot longer to arrive, as it was quite a long pre-order, so I'll need the other ones to use in the meantime until it finally gets here). But I may not actually use the Zelda one all that much. (The main reason I got it is because I collect Zelda, and it looks gorgeous, so even though I don't really need any more, I couldn't help myself!). But I don't want to ruin the beautiful printed design by bringing it around everywhere with me, as it will bound to get scuffed up after not that long. So I will be treating my Zelda cases more as nice looking precious collectibles rather than actually using them for every day use. (I know it's pretty sad and geekish of me, but I'm a sucker for Zelda stuff, and that one was quite expensive to ship). The Zelda ones didn't cost that much more for the case itself, but with shipping included it set me back a whopping 50 bucks! (so I'd be as upset about ruining that as I would my switch!) What I'll most likely do though is use my Zelda one for storing just my amiibos in at home, and then having the nice cheap black pouches for regular travel use, so that it won't matter if it gets everyday wear and tear.
Still though, I'm probably overdoing it by getting so many! But I've already managed to find tonnes of uses for them! ;)
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