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Mar 14, 2016
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I was just browsing amazon for a new 3ds game to play when I came along Smash Bros. It caught my eye because it said "New Download Code $59.99" I knew that couldn't be right, so I clicked it and it brought me to a page for the switch.

One thing that really caught my eye was that where it said "Nintendo Switch" with the switch logo, it had a drop down menu that you could choose for a code for 3DS, Wii U and Switch. Does that mean it is just a port of the Wii U / 3DS version? I sure hope not!

It also said "Available on December 31st." Does this mean the code is available, but the game will be released later? Or does it mean the game will be released December 31st? So many questions on this Amazon page! Here is the link.

Here is a screenshot for those who don't want to check it out for themselves, but please do check the link out! Tell me what you think!
i bet they just threw that date up there. You know how much they like November, right before the shopping day. Sweet!
I agree. (Though does depend on their logic...)
Obviously, they'll want to cash in on as many pre-xmas sales as they can. But as they have positioned both of the new pokemon games for November, it also makes sense to stagger it, so that they can cash in for both months, and not have one launch hinder the other. (if you see what I mean)

The one caveat of doing it that way though is that for people who like smash bros but don't like pokemon, they'll be missing out on those customers in the re-xmas boom. (they'll get them back straight after though, so probably no biggie). The cult following of either of those franchises are going t lap them up no matter what anyway. The vast majority will have already pre-ordered the moment they saw it go up on amazon! (and the rest still catching up on scraping together the funds will continue doing it right up until). So these are gonna be selling like hotcakes for most of the year and beyond anyway.

Timing does matter though, (but not just for when to catch customers, I'm thinking in terms of how us as players can keep up!)
There's tonnes of good games coming out for switch again already this year (which is never a bad thing), but while there's hardly a lack of options, the hardest part is scheduling when we're going to have time to play them all! So staggering the big titles out so that they've got at least a one month gap between them gives us a bit of breathing room to enjoy them, plus having at least one major game coming out every month is working pretty well for them generally. Don't know about you, but I'm still struggling to keep up with all the stuff I want! (I've bought quite a few already, want tonnes more, but the backlog of ones I haven't had time to play fully is already steadily mounting up!)

How have you guys been finding it so far?
@HyruleWarrior aw yeah great point! I forgot about the Pokegames. I too am "struggling to keep up." I just finished Kirby Star Allies and im working on Golf Story. Got my eyes on Donkey Kong and Sonic Racing. So yeah, we got a lot to keep us busy!
Could just be a page allowing people to pre-order the game that uses information that they know about the game at the moment so they can start making money off the games sales as soon as possible. I know Amazon has put up a similar page for Metroid Prime 4 which went up shortly after it got announced at E3 2017 in Nintendo's Spotlight that year. All it had then was it being released on December 31st of that year, a price and the only photo was of the games title/logo from the video in which it was announced.
That's true! Happens alot on Amazon where it's just an "any old date" far into the future when they don't know. You do never know though with them, as they do often have accurate pre-lease data for alot of games long before others do, and many of them have indeed proved to be accurate, with a pretty high consistency rate.
Metroid 4 though, I do suspect is one of those games that is more likely to be just a guess (I'm basing that on the fact that nobody really knows much about this game at all, and even Nintendo themselves don't yet have footage to show us. So I think it is still very much a work in progress that probably won't be until 2019 (could potentially be even later than that). Usually when we get games quicker, they've at least shown us something by now. But all anyone has seen of this is just the title. (Kinda like how Breath of the Wild was for a good 2 or 3 years, back when all it was known by was just "Zelda WiiU". Anyone remember that?

@HyruleWarrior aw yeah great point! I forgot about the Pokegames. I too am "struggling to keep up." I just finished Kirby Star Allies and im working on Golf Story. Got my eyes on Donkey Kong and Sonic Racing. So yeah, we got a lot to keep us busy!
What was Kirby like? I really wanted to get that (and still intend t)o. But just working through so many games at the moment (and is still quite high priced,) so I've kind of skipped it. (for now) Donkey Kong was the same, for the same reason. I have a cunning plan though to get around the price problem. The ones that cost too much I'll leave those out, and just keep buying only the cheaper ones. Each download earns you Nintendo coins which give you discounts off the other games, so by the time I've had a few of the cheaper ones, it should bring down the cost of the more expensive ones so that they effectively come the price they should have been in the first place. It used to be that only the physical cartridges earned you those nintendo coins. But now that you earn them on digital purchases too, I've been buying the digital ones alot more.
@HyruleWarrior Kirby was very fun. And also very short. But in a good way. It was a blast to play with the Allies, up to 4 on screen. And you have to use the different powers together to unlock doors, etc. There are 4 worlds with many levels in each, and then after the story mode their are of course many mini games and time trials to play. If you like Kirby, i highly suggest it. But yeah, maybe wait til price drop or get it used.

Yes, im kinda digging the coin discount business myself. Ive bought more small indy games for the Switch than i have total ever. Im about to get G.R.I.D.D, and like i said, i have Golf Story. So the coins are adding up. I like digital games because of the convenience, but Nintendo doesn't much budge on price. Ive gotten games (Monopoly) much cheaper at GameStop.
@dustinb12 Nice! Yeah, can't wait to play kirby then if that's the case. From the digitalis I picked up all three of the Steamworld dig series while they had a promo on, and it worked out real cheap with the digital coins on top of the promo, and the cool thing was that even though I was paying with the coins, purchasing the games even earned me more coins on top of it, rather than it being either/or, which I thought was cool!
I've never played any of the steam,world series, yet,. but it always looked kinda fun from the videos I've seen, and have been wanting to play with those ever since I saw it on the WiiU, so while the switch had some good deals on all three of them, I thought this would be a good opportunity. (god knows when I'll finally get chance to actually play them though, but at least I have them ready now, and it hardly cost me anything!) So well worth it in my opinion.

I know what you maean about Nintendo nit budging much on price for the digital ones. (more so for their own titles) but some weren't too bad. The Crash Bandicoot trilogy worked out just as cheap as on Amazon. (was about the same by the time you counted delivery) SO I cancelled my Amazon pre-order of it and just pre-ordered it directly as digital. But for Captain Toad, I'm still keeping my Amazon order, as it's the kind of game I like to have the actual physical copy for (mario series, and all that) even though there's a huge possibility I might go digital aswell just for convenience. But thankfully, that one wasn't priced too bad for an actual Nintendo game. It's pretty awesome aswell Had it on the WiiU and loved it. (but never had the toad amiibo back then, as it was either really hard to find, or quite expensive, so didn't have it until after I'd already competed it) . The games got lots of replay value anyway, and the levels are quite short, so shouldn't chew up too much of my playtime for everything else I wanna play this year. And this time being able to finally play the bonus content on it aswell, Should even be alot better this time than what was already a really fun game! Did you ever try that one yourself?
@HyruleWarrior Yep! Absolutely loved Captain Toad! What a fantastic creative and very fun game. I had a hard time finding the amiibo as well. Think ill pass for the Switch though. Im really really wanting to try new games, so far. It's really hard not getting Hyrule Warriors again, even after putting in well over 100 hours on the wii u.
Yeah, I felt like that at first. However, I bought it again, and am loving it. (has been kinda fun being able to play it the proper way. (didn't ever get chance to play the 3DS version much, but this is like what that would have been if all the extra functionality it had was on the WiiU.)

It's not as difficult this time round aswell, so getting back t where I was shouldn't take anywhere near as long this time, and am hoping to get alot further on the adventure maps that I did on the WiiU version. Do you still play your WiiU much, or have you found that the switch has taken over?
my wii u is still hooked up, but i haven't played much lately. Im a Zelda guy, so wii u became my fav console ever due to BOTW, WWHD, TPHD and yes Warriors. I cant let it go just yet. Switch is definitely interesting though. I still play a whole lot of 3ds too.
I know what you mean! it's exactly the same with mine. I've had it hooked up and switched on constantly, and do still play it, but I'm finding that my switch is getting 90% of the play time these days. I went to play my WiiU a couple of days ago though, and had a fright that the fan in the back had stopped working, so kept cutting out in the heat. (I have tonnnes of BOTW and Hyrurle Warriors saves on there though that I want to come back to , plus all the figurine collection from windwaker, so no way I'm going to let that die)
Now that they have discontinued the WiiU though, I wasn't sure if that was going to be an impossible task. However, turns out there is a guy down the road that does specialist repairs on them quite cheap, so I might actually be able to save it after all! (I tell you what though, I would have gone to heaven and earth to find a way still though if I couldn't!) That thing just means way too much to me. But being as you keep yours hooked up quite alot like I do, learn from my mistake and power it down as much as you can when not in use! (I really wish I had) Because that could have very easily gone very wrong.
wow, yeah i never really thought about that. Ill have to do that. Awesome that you live by a guy. I wouldn't know where to start!

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