Franchises that you would like to see on the NX

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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There are several 3rd party franchises that have gone missing from the last few Nintendo console iterations. A particular series that I would like to see make a comeback is Shin Megami Tensei from Atlus. While the last SMT game did appear on the 3DS, it would be great to see it return to consoles. More importantly, it should appear on a Nintendo console and I think the NX could be perfect fit.

Which 3rd party franchises would you like to see on the NX?
@Y0shiM0n you're right, and in fact if anything Minecraft already has that Nintendo vibe to it, you wonder why it hasn't happened yet.

As for which franchises I'd like to see Castlevania or Harvest Moon. Both those franchises were awesome back in the day, and I feel like they're due for a big Nintendo game for them. I find it regretful that we haven't seen a Castlevania game for Nintendo since forever, as it was one of my favourite (and first games) on the NES.

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