Freakiest things in Majora's Mask


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Oct 22, 2014
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The Zelda series has always had some dark overtones, but it's generally been a pretty light franchise. Except for Majora's Mask, which is full of all kinds of really crazy stuff. In our latest video, we take a look at five of the freakiest moments in the game.

What things creeped you out the most in Majora's Mask? Or any other Zelda game, really :p

Without a doubt that duplicate song, which led to the somewhat amusing ben story. And the HD version of this game did not make that duplicate look any better.

Another creepy thing for me is that hand in inn asking for paper.
The 3rd day.

There is a deep, doomed melancholy that permeates throughout the whole game as you play. It's a race against the apocalypse in a far more literal sense than any of the other games in the series. But the final day gets special consideration from me, especially if you're hanging out in Clock Town. For the other two days, you can mostly ignore the sense of impending doom; there's mentions of it here and there, but it's easy to go on about your business.

On the final day, though, even the music is frantic and hysterical, with an ominous baseline under the sped-up tune. Clock Town is nearly deserted, and the people that are left tell you to leave as soon as possible. Add this to the blood-red sky and the constant shaking of the ground, and you have me on the other side of the screen ready to reset the timeline as soon as possible.
I actually concur whole heartedly, Soltis. It was the impending doom; that race against time; the odds stacked against you.

The music switching even as the time draws closer was that much more of an 'eerie' feeling I had as a kid.

The blood red sky, the moon's grimace in pain as it's plummeting down... just racing to plant my rupees in the bank before rewinding back to day 1... there's just so many memories, and most of them were frantically done and planned which made it that much more creepy .

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