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Sep 19, 2012
What does everybody think about us holding a writing contest with a 3DS XL system as the prize? I could probably even get a limited edition 3DS to make it even more exciting.

People who want to participate would need to write a quality article on a popular Nintendo or gaming-related topic. We would pre-approve all topics to make sure people don't write about the same things. We can also set a minimum length for the essay, for example 500 words.

The contest would run for an X number of days. A the end, we tally all the numbers and either vote or decide on another way to choose the winner. How does this sound?
I would be very interested in participating in something like that. Not only is there an opportunity to win a great prize but even if you don't win you still get a chance to read a lot of great new articles about topics everyone here is interested in so it sounds like a win-win situation. With E3 right around the corner and lots of ideas floating around about Nintendo's plans for the future, this sounds like a great time to do something like this.
Sounds like a pretty good idea. I would definitely want to read the terms & conditions. You know how you big time forum administrators like people to sign away their souls in those things. :rolleyes:
I might be interested, but are you giving out a 3DS XL or a New 3DS handheld? The new one would be a better choice and get more people to join up on this.

Anyways, a good idea. I hope it works out.
Heck yeah! Sounds like a good way to get the community involved, so why not?
I would probably participate, since the new one is at stake. I think it's a great idea!
I'd be interested! I was robbed abit ago and never got a chance yet to replace anything including my 3ds my Nintendo, my snes, my N64, my regular gameboy and my other systems

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