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Apr 26, 2016
Nintendo 2DS
I bought my 2DS a few months ago, and it had a bundle where I got a downloadable Mario Kart 7 game. I wanted to make a new NNID last week, so I got rid of my old ID, but now my Mario Kart game is gone, and the code is only one time use. Do I need to make the new account, or am I screwed because it was one time use only? And would deleting my Eshop account do anything?
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The game has been linked to the NNID and cannot be transferred to a different one, so it's gone when the NNID is gone. The code is one time use only.

Call Nintendo. They might be able to pull off some wizardry, otherwise you're screwed.
Ugh... That really sucks. I hope they can do something. I just think it's dumb, they should've just given me a physical copy or tie it to my system's memory. Ah well, thank you for the help.
Nintendo ties game to memory, they get yelled at. Nintendo ties games to account now, they get yelled at. I swear they can not win, haha. Nintendo usually has pretty good service though, though unsure how they will handle this.
I'm not sure if Nintendo would be able to do anything about your lost game, but if you explained what happened and your legitimate, then they can comp you a game onto your new NNID, as they've been able to do that in the past with a friend of mine.

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