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Sep 8, 2014
I've noticed that a lot of places have free game giveaways and others that have really nice sales, and I just want a thread where people share the best deals they found, or where people talk about great deals they've received in the past.
There's another thread on this forum that talks about the Steam Summer Sales. Although it's great and is arguably the biggest Steam sale there is, there are three other annual sales that take place. Those are the Halloween, Autumn, and Holiday sales. All three of those offer popular games that are discounted a surprising amount.
I normally give myself a $20 budget during these sales, because if I didn't I'd be broke.

In the same category of PC gaming, there are also several sites like Humble Bundle and Groupees that offer 4-6 games for about $1. Often times, the games are all worth buying.

And I mentioned this at the beginning of the thread, but I just wanted to slip in a mention of the free steam games that are sometimes given away. They're not exactly high-end cool games and all that, but maybe we'll find a hidden gem one day. Right now, indiegala is giving away Canyon Capers.

As for my personal feats in getting a reduced price on games, the best recent deal I got would have to be the Best Buy 2-for-1 3DS games deal. I bought Tomodachi Life and A Link Between Worlds. I wanted to buy Bravely Default, but there were no more in stock :/

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