Game Genie?

Dec 28, 2014
Who remembers using the Game Genie to conquer games that you couldn't beat on the Nintendo. I remember using the Game Genie on the original Super Mario Bros, not to beat the game, but just so that I could jump over the flagpole at the end of the level and see how far I could run. I think the cheat was called moon boots or anti-gravity boots, or something like that.

What are your memories of cheating by using the Game Genie?
YESSSSS! I had Game Genie for my Super Nintendo. I remember using it on almost all my games! Sometimes, I would just play the game regular (without any cheats) while it was plugged into the Game Genie because it just looked so cool. It was so fun to just do whatever you wanted to do in a game. Plus, it took all the guess work of having to go look for the cheat codes you wanted for games you played pretty much all the time.
I had and just hawked off an original Game Genie (With Original Manual!) for all codes for mostly all NES games. That thing made me feel like wizard, being able to jump super high... being able to have infinite lives. I'd only do this however after I beat a game. I felt I owed it to the company to play the game unbiased, how it was meant to be.

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