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Aug 5, 2013
Nintendo 64

So did anyone ever get this and use it on some SNES games? What games did you cheat on?
I had the ORIGINAL Game Genie (for NES) not SNES. So I can't attest to what the SNES version was like, but if it was anything like the NES version, low gravity jumps, infinite lives, big head/small bodies, and plenty of other good categories to modify or tweak. I recall having the original with the code booklet - back before there was the internet to pass codes around on a site like Gamefaqs.

Many glorious fun times were had.
My family had gotten the SNES game genie and it worked pretty good, had a very thick booklet of cheat codes which allowed me to go guild on a lot of megaman and mario games. Fun times, fun times.
I loved my Game Genie!

I remember that it was the first time I ever looked at video games as software because of code creating clubs that would figure out what the values were changing. I would experiment for hours with this thing!

I stopped using them when S.O.C.O.M. became big, because people were using them to get an unfair advantage in online gaming. That ruined the fun for me & added a stigma for many years. Now that I am more computer proficient, I kinda wanna go back & figure out some of those custom codes & maybe tinker with them a bit.
I remember so many days of just sitting with friends after school and trying to break games with the Game Genie too. It was fun to turn on those cheats and try to break their coding because THAT WAS FUN! Haha.

Jump through floors, walls. Get stuck places. Glitch music. Glitch life totals and HP. Whatever, whenever.

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