Game Identity Problem


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Aug 23, 2021
Super NES
I'm trying to remember the name of a gameboy game I've played before, but I just can't find the information! If anyone wants to help, I remember some of the details:
1) It had some nordic / viking themes, esp. a death sequence where Odin revives your character and you try again
2) Your character can have three friends from school join you
3) all four characters can be created and named
a) can be human male, human female, mutant male, mutant female, baby dragon, slime ball, etc.
4) The story involves the main character's father
5) A character named Mask joins you during a part when you're in a cave, esp. when you're escaping it when it collapses
6) I got up to a point where I was in a giant's village
7) sometimes, after the battle sequence, you get a magic meatball; if you feed it to the baby dragon in the group, it randomly turns into another monster form

I hope this info helps; thanks again.

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