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Feb 5, 2013

I think this applies to all gamers really, but because it shows an NES, I'm putting it in this subforum.

Oh how many hours I have spent on this rule! Just one more.... just one more.... Sometimes it's not even one more level, but just "one more try" on a particular level that's kicking my butt.
I remember playing Rambo First Blood Part II on the original NES and I couldn't stop playing it. I remember going level after level through the game and when I finally got to the end I had to fight and take out a Russian Gunship. I worked my butt off to get the money together to even make that game purchase ,so the just one more level rule didn't apply to me.
For me it was Punchout. Just one more match i'd keep telling my parents and the next thing I knew it was 11 o'clock and my father was ripping the controller out of my hand, pulling me away from the TV set and putting me into bed.
For me, it was battletoads, hours I would spend just trying to beat a single level.
This is a general rule definitely - I mean sometimes it isn't even levels. It's one more location or one more mission or one more map target. My worse addiction would have to be I guess Fallout 3 or Skyrim - "I only need one more Dragon and then I can make armor!" So yeah. That said college students are generally very guilty of this, even moreso then children.

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