Games that should be on the Switch but aren't


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Jan 18, 2020
Hello! Would it be possible for RPG horror games like the The Witch's House to be on the Switch? I have always loved the game and others like Ib and would love the idea for an import on it! Probably not possible tho :( the creator probably does not want to work on it and has never updated it ever since (someone has remake The Witch's house but I love the OG)
So what are your thoughts?
ive never played that particular game, but yes that would be cool. I miss the days when it didn't really matter what console you had, you could pretty much play the games you wanted (Genesis/Super Nintendo days.)

If i could pick one game for the Switch right now, it would be Super Mario Sunshine.
OoT & MM. TP. WW. SS. FS.
Pretty much all the Zelda games...even the handheld ones.
To name a few:
- Soulcalibur 6
- Kingdom Hearts 3
- Twilight Princess HD
an all-new mario kart game would be great
spelunky, i don't know if it was on wii or wii U, but I would like to play it. I am a big rick dangerous fan still haven't finished the first game.

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