Games That Suit the 3DS?


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Nov 16, 2014
Gah! I'm feeling really guilty right now. My brother bought me the Super Mario Bros. for 3DS and is ultimately excited for me to play it with him. For one, I left my console in my dorm because with the amount of studying I did over the semester, I learned to control my gaming urges.

But a part of me doesn't even want the game. Unfortunately, I opened it and played it on his 3DS (which doesn't even do much because it's saved onto the console and when I play with my new game on his, it's just his progress). Although I'm a huge fan, I just feel like I only want to play Pokemon-related games because that's where my nostalgia lies when it comes to handheld games. As for Super Smash Bros. I feel like that game is meant for larger consoles like the Wii U, GameCube, Wii and more. It's a larger screen and better controller.

Does anyone else have certain games that they believe work with certain consoles and should only be for those? In other words, I believe that Pokemon is mainly a handheld console game while Super Smash Bros. is a game for a large television-based console. Also, what games do you think suits the 3DS better than other consoles?
Pokemon is a big one that should stay on the handhelds only. The game play style of Pokemon just fits the handhelds, it would be too clunky and awkward on PS4 or Xbox. Besides, Pokemon is known for DS, so that should not be changed.
Shinobi 3D is one of the first games I bought for the 3DS and still play through to this day. Granted, I'm a huge fan of the Shinobi franchise but I've always felt that the side-scrolling titles in the series are better suited to a handheld. I guess it could've have worked on the Vita but that was designed for more large-scale console type of experiences. Shinobi 3D feels more old school since it stick to a 2D plane and the 3DS is the right machine for the job.

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