Games you think should be ported over to modern era


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Dec 14, 2014
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I'm a man who will not deny I emulate, but what do I like to emulate, old games that either cost too much for me to buy (either because they are so good or that they are old its far harder to find) or fan translations of games I want to pay for but no English version was ever made.

I'm thinking of so many games that deserve to be brought over, for me I want some Front Mission titles, I loved the Front Mission on DS, and I plan to get the 4th one on PS2 when I can, but the others, come on give us the import of the old games they belong to Square Enix, yes most of them on the playstation but no word on remakes, put 3-4 on one big disk or heck seperate disks on the Wii U and you might get some more buyers, just saying, Bring on the old school, speaking of which.

Years ago I remember I was 10 and I got my first nintendo power....and in it was a GBA title called Magical Vacation it was a game I wanted to import...nothing....not even a fan translation of it. Please for the love of Myamoto, translate it and put on the wii u store, I would pay anything to play it. Come on bring on a Christmas Miracle

So how about you guys any thoughts on games that should be ported over, doesn't have to be nintendo but perhaps old school games that don't have remakes or remasters or just straight ports
Although it isn't that old of a game I would be so excited if Activision released an HD remake of Call of Duty 4 for PS4/Xbone. That for me is one of the best games of all time and pioneered the first person shooter genre. Say what you will about what CoD has become but MW1 was incredibly fun. I put in countless hours on that game whether it was campaign or online and I would put in countless more if there is a remake.
I'm also a huge fan of the Front Mission games and would love to see all of them one disc. It's a series of tactical rpgs that most people have never heard of and would be great for Front Mission to gain more exposure. I would also love to see plenty of obscure arcade games get released on the modern consoles, such as: Xain'd Sleena, Metro-Cross, Outzone, Armed Police Batrider and Power Drift. Hopefully these ports will have a nice scanline filter with CRT effect running at 15HZ for the purists.
There are games on the Xbox 360 that aren't on Xbox One that I still play very regularly that I would like to be brought over such as Resident Evil 5 and 6, Mass Effect 1-3, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and The Sims 3 (which I'd much prefer The Sims 4 coming to current gen consoles rather than porting The Sims 3 from the Xbox 360). However, I would also love a new Crazy Taxi game. The last one was on the original Xbox years ago. I have the first one on Xbox Live arcade, and the second one on Dreamcast, but I would love them to just flat out make a new one; I think it could very easily be a 15-20 dollar downloadable title. I wouldn't be opposed to them porting it to the Xbox One/PS4/Wii U arcade either but a new one would be fantastic. Shenmue III is happening which makes me happy.
In addition, some other franchises I would love to see Wii U/Xbox One/PS4 sequels to:
- Resident Evil (like hopefully a full-fledged 7 and not just another small title like Revelations 2)
- Pokemon Ranch (Yeah, I know people hated this one but honestly I really liked it and it would be awesome to use with X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)
- Saints Row (I feel as if this one might be a closed and done franchise, which I can accept, but I would still love another game)
...and most of all...

F-Zero. Come on, Nintendo.
I'm a big fan of these big multi classic game packs. Just put all of the classic games together in one big collection on a single disc. They can clean up the graphics a bit but the original game is still intact and playable but with a reliable graphics engine so there is no pixelation.
Microsoft just released the Rare collection which is a fantastic deal.