Games you're surprised we didn't get...

May 26, 2021
Super NES
Looking back, personally, I'm amazed there wasn't a Thundercats video game. The franchise was big, in the '80's and as such, the series was just right for a TMNT'esque 8-BIT offering. To have been able to shift between the characters, utilizing each character's weapon type and abilities, would have been amazing, to me... Then, and now, to be honest!

As a kid, I used to love seeing video games that reflected my tastes in comics, cartoons and films, being released. TMNT, Star Wars, Duck Tales, Gremlins, Godzilla, Batman and, even, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street, all got NES releases - yes! I know the last two are (heavily) flawed, but, fuck it! Everybody loved Freddy & Jason, when I was a kid, so it makes sense to release a game... Even a shit one! Although, ANoES is far superior to Ft13th, if only for the soundtrack alone. (Though, Friday the 13th is better than Texas Chainsaw Massacre, on the 2600... just!)

Other notable mentions - (that could have been awesome):
  • Red Dwarf. (Show me a person who has never desired being the last human alive, battling hostile entities, 3 million light years from earth, fueled only by Super Strength Japanese lager, ciggies and curry, and I'll show you a soulless shape-shifting Polymorph. Facts! And, if all else fails, you could hit 'em with a major, and, I mean, major, leafleting campaign! Give Quiche A Chance.)
  • Critters - (With the option to be play as the Crites, or Charlie.)
  • TRON - (Although, TRON, at least, received a coin-op game, which I remember playing in a local chip shop, when I was a kid.)
  • Planet of the Apes - (I think this would have to be somewhere between adventure game and puzzler, where you play as Dr. Zira... Who is a total badass!)
  • Halloween - (No, I'm not counting that 2600 atrocity.)
  • M.A.S.K - (The Amstrad game was quite good, I feel an NES one, could have been better!)

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