Gamestop is selling Wii games for good prices

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
I've been stacking up on any Wii game that I can get. Some of the games I bought were 89 cents to 10 bucks. Not bad, Since I'm a Nintendo game collector. I even buy multiple Wii games for 89 cents that I already own. And I bring them to another video game store and sell them for a higher price. and used that to buy more Wii games. I even sold two Gamecube Madden games that I had doubles of, with no case just the game disc. And got 3 dollars in store credit. I used that to get another Wii game that I've been looking for that Gamestop didn't have in stock. So next month I will be heading back to Gamestop to pick up more Wii games. I have to print out a list now to make sure I don't buy the same game over again.
Wow, so they are going down again? Well, gamestop probably offered the people who traded those in even less. You should feel bad for supporting their crap.
I'm NOT supporting gamestop. I'm a Gamer And I collect Nintendo video games. It's a hobby of mine.
It seems like they do this a lot, if I didn't hate going into gamestop or giving them money I would consider. Oh well! *goes back to ebay*
i went in for Mario sports mix, they still want 40$ used. never mind
Whats with all the hate vibes towards GameStop? I really like GameStop and have always gotten really good deals on games there. Is there something I am missing here?
I really liked gamestop as well when we went to the us for our summer trip I spent most of my trip in gamestop because they allow you to trade in your old games and get new ones and I was really impressed by that. I really love playing video games and it is really nice when you can get new games for the ones that you have already got for cheap at that.
I wish I had gamestop in my area, I would spend much time there.
Unfortunately, the first Gamestop is about 5 or 6 countries away from me so... :(
5 or 6 countries? Bummer! I need to swing by and see what my local Game Stop has. I have not been playing many video games lately; been tinkering with my guns.
Since Gamestop doesn't sell Atari 2600 or NES, SNES, N64, Sega, Colecovision or Intellivision. I go to another store called GameXChange. I walked out of there today with 3 NES games for my collection. And it got my NES collection to 260 NES games. making my Nintendo game collection reach 889 Nintendo video games.

i take it that Gamestop is Not really gamestop if they don't have the retro games. Newbs.
Wow, 89 cents is a really good deal. What kind of games were you able to get at that price? I mean I can't imagine what kind of games they would be selling that cheap. I mean I know that sometimes they lower the prices when the game is starting to go out, but that seems super low. I always like looking at game then though because then you can find the ones you didn't want to pay the full price for.