Gaming "Addiction"


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Mar 7, 2016
The "addiction" part is speaking figuratively.
What I notice is that people accept very well someone who reads a lot or who listens to music a lot or who does sports a lot, but when it comes to gaming then it's like the end of the world, and you're labeled a useless person just because you spend your time gaming. You probably even got to listen to your parents/older family say the usual "you have an headache because you spend all your time gaming".

What's your opinion on this?
So true!

And by the way, I'm a gaming addict, computer addict, internet addict, and YouTube addict. :/
I know the pain, it's really crazy how times flies when I'm browsing the web usually doing nothing of value :confused:
Yeah, I think because there are no tangible benefits for gaming. And gamers, as society sees it, are pretty much nerds, the anti-social. While sports have social interaction, entertaining to watch, etc, so it's not looked down upon. I think that's the problem.

"You have a headache because you spend all your time gaming"
Yeah, because gaming is highly intellectual, and can use a lot of your brain's capacity hence the headaches. Like I said, the benefits are intangible. :)

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