GBA games to watch out for / pick up cheap?

Feb 17, 2013
east coast
I still have my old GBA (two, actually, both are purple, one is sort of transparent). I've got a couple of old games that I've always been super into like Wario and the original Kirby but you can get GBA cartridges super cheap now so I'm wondering what games people think are, like, go-to classics. There must be a lot, it's game boy, right?
I don't really know if it was a classic, but the Lord of the Rings GBA games weren't all that bad. Then you have the standard run of Pokemon games that are always worth playing. Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town is one of my favourites (I have a weird soft spot for Harvest Moon) and it came out with a companion called More Friends of Mineral Town, where the main character is a woman.

Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission are hard to pass up, and anything Zelda turned out really good on the GBA.

These are all real popular titles, though, so the costs might be higher on them. Advanced Wars (there were a couple, I think) was really good, and I'm not sure it's got the following of the major titles. That's about the best I got in my head right about now. If I think of more I'll holler.
I agree with CarpeNemo. Definitely the Pokemon games and anything Zelda on the GBA. Both are classics that you just find yourself playing over and over again. Besides that, maybe Super Mario Bros 3. That's always a great one. Oh, and Ghosts'n Goblins. Such a good game, and ridiculously hard. And addicting, might I add.
You can't go wrong with anything Zelda and Metroid Fusion. You can also try Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, Sonic Advance, F-Zero and Advance Wars.
Yup I would recommend Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Zero Mission as well. The storyline and things to do in the game is definitely worth the money, even at the time. Shaman King isn't bad, and Megaman was a huge success at the time. It was so successful they made so many series of it, if I can recall the series went up to 6? One series of Megaman kept me busy for almost a year and even after you beat the game there are so many secret levels and items to find.
I agree with the above posters, all great recommendations. If you like the style and genre of Advance wars, try Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. They are all made by the same developer and in my opinion, the Fire Emblem games have more depth and replay ability than Advance Wars. Fire Emblem games are strategy RPGs where every unit you have is unique with their own back story and if they die, they die for good. Suffice to say strategy is key in these games and they have very good plots with twists and memorable characters.

I cannot recommend them enough.
Fire Emblem games are amazing, they are just splendid. Definately get sacred stones, it was a classic :)
You can't go wrong with the original Pokemon games! There is a lot to do with those games and it is a much harder gameplay I would say... I did enjoy the Kirby series a lot! There is a lot of the classics still and if you manage to get them at your local gamestop/game store under 7 dollars then you're golden.
I have a GBA I've had for years and I've never actually tried playing a game on it. (Sad, I know.) I have only used my GBA as the 'Tingle Tuner' for WindWaker. It's cute but I'm not sure I could play an entire game like that because the screen is a bit small and pretty sure I would have a headache from eye strain in no time. LOL

Although, I am beginning to rethink to at least trying the Zelda games. ;)
shdws said:
You can't go wrong with anything Zelda and Metroid Fusion. You can also try Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, Sonic Advance, F-Zero and Advance Wars.
Yep, exactly. This is basically the pinnacle of Gameboy Advance gaming.

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