GBA SP AGS-001 not charging issue


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Jun 29, 2024
Game Boy Advance SP
Hey guys, new to forum. Long story short, found my og gba sp from 2002. Was playing the hell out of it. I found it without a battery, it was like that for 15 years in a box. Hooked a new battery, worked like a charm. Relived some of the Yoshi memories that keep me warm for a night. Battery ran out, plugged into charger and nothing! Not even the well known problem people have where it turns the led on for a second and then on.
Found a tutorial online on retrosix I think, but I am not electronically inclined so it was hard without clear guidance or visual presentation.

I found out that: when I press the EM8 chip, the orange charging led turns on for a second and then turns off. If I don’t press EM8 chip, no let lights at all.

Anybody have a clue? I might be able to do basic soldering as I did manage to IPS upgrade it successfully. (Charging wasn’t working prior to upgrading as well).

Thanks in advance on any clues of what I might have to do to resolve the issue,

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