GBA SP Screen problem. plz help


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May 21, 2018
Game Boy Advance SP
GBA screen is white around the edges. not to sure what it is. It worked when it went into storage and now it looks like this. Tried the game on my girlfriends gameboy and it worked perfectly so i know its not the game. The green looks great in the middle. The lines are from the camera.
That looks like a problem with the LCD itself. I don't think you can fix the screens when they are broken (dead pixels, white screen like yours etc.) You just have to buy a new one and replace it. They can't be THAT expensive. Sorry man, but the LCD is toast.

The reason I think it is the LCD itself is because I have seen something like this before. At my local game store there was a GBA SP (same model as yours) that had on all four corners a little white mark that wouldn't go away when it was on. Next time I came in it was in the case with the ones to sell, so I asked him why he was selling it with it's screen problem and he said it was the LCD and he just replaced it and it was fine. It looked just like your picture, but yours is waaaay worse than this other gameboy. Looks like the same fix though.

Edit: You wouldn't mind if I saved that picture would you? Like I said, i've seen this a few times around the internet and once in real life so it isn't exactly an un-common thing, but yours is the more rediculously bad i've seen! xD It would be entertaining for me to have that later on down the road when someone starts complaining about a stuck pixel or two and then i'll say "you think you got it bad? look at this guy's!"
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Thank you so much for the reply your more than welcome to save the picture. Damn that sucks that its broken. Is it hard to replace the screen?
Well its not that hard, but you do need to buy the screen and a tri-prong screwdriver. As long as you get a screen with a tri-prong you will be fine. You also need a really small philips head, but you probably have one of those.

I checked on the internet and the screens run about 25-40 dollars on ebay. You would have to find the tri-prong yourself, but I got mine for about 5 dollars.

Now 25-40 dollars might sound like a lot when you could easily buy another gba sp off ebay for 45-50 dollars, but if you change the screen it is a lot more satisfying! I changed mine once just because it was old and scratched and it is really satisfying to have put in the work yourself to make it better. If you do decide to change the screen here is a handy video I found on it!

P.S. Thanks for letting me keep the picture! xD
@Heigw, Hey, that's the model SP I have! Neat.
Also, thanks for the guide, that will come in handy when I need it