Generally, Gamers like more than one media medium...


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Jan 21, 2015
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Gamers also like different forms of Media. I'm talking about Movies, Western Shows, Japanese Anime.. whatever it is, we have something to help us in between our gaming bouts.

Even music is an accepted term, because I played MMORPGS. Never taking breaks myself, looping pandora or 90's playlists.

So what did everyone listen to? What does everyone like to do on the backside of gaming?

Let's shoot the breeze.
Hello Shimus,

I usually have my Pandora playing in the back round, trying to hit the thumbs up or down and game. ( sometimes it's a chore )

I kind of like a little of all movies but find them too distracting to have playing while I am gaming.
Anime for sure! I also enjoy You Tube a good bit for music videos. Hubs and I often have fun watching AMVs =^.^=
I love anime and some movies or tv shows from Asia. I really only listen to music now when I am playing something I don't need the sound, like FIFA, or driving. Otherwise Netflix is a constant app used for me.
im a hopeless wrestling fan, 80's horror buff and any kind of music. Depends on how i wake up. Right now, i can't get enough of Lady Gaga/ Zelda music, preferably from WW.

my thing on Netflix for the moment is Sharknado 2 and Ancient Aliens, when I'm not stuck watching H2O with my daughter!

great topic btw
Lots of good responses guys!

I've been reading a lot of Korean Manhwa lately, namely a cool new one called THE GAMER and deals with a bored kid who acquires "The Gamer" skill which basically turns his real life into a living video game as the world he knows changes and he acquires new powers. I think I like it so much because I like MMORPGS and that's what it would be, but IRL >.<

I'm also listening to slicethepie and working, their site is legit for making cash through music reviews. Good honest work gets rewarded and I'm having fun on the backside typing on anime forums and watching some shows.
I didn't really care for slicethepie. I mean ya, I averaged a good .13 per review, but I hate getting that "this review is identical to other reviews you have submitted," or "your rating differs from your review." I am the type to listen in intervals, write a bit, and repeat until the end of the song. Detailed, lengthy, grammatically correct reviews--yet it would take a an hour just to get .50, after having to change wording just so they would accept. I had reviews submitted and instantly lost, of course no credit. Not saying its not a good extra income option but I got irritated easily with it once I hit $3.00.

Someone on PennyHoarder was suggesting an easy $4.00 an hour there. I just don't see how? Maybe I was putting in too much effort and they kept expecting more?
I think just about any game that involves some sort of grinding, either to get items or experience points I always end up muting the game audio and putting on music instead. I listen to a lot of different stuff so it really just depends on my mood that day. Outside of gaming, I'll watch the occasional movie or show but there's not a whole lot on TV that I keep up with. I did get back into comics a little while back after having not picked one up since I was a kid. Someone gave me a copy of Fables and that led me to some other titles so now I'd say I probably spend most of my time not spent gaming reading comics as well as novels of the non-graphic variety.
I still find slice the pie to pay more then postloop on any day, given the same amount of time I have to put in to make 5 bucks on PL, I can make ~12ish-15ish on slicethepie if I just slammed reviews out one by one, and I can easily do 5 bucks in an hour-2, at 90 seconds (and no longer) per song as they play. I have to say I've gotten my words per minute up considerably.

Back to the original topic, I've been writing a lot more recently. Small things, poetry, short stories, whatever. It helps to get my depression, rage, anxiety, everything out. I was taught to always balance the 'yin and yang' and never let it fall out of balance. If you go too much to one side lives can start taking a drastic turn.

And besides that, I'm still looking for real-life jobs.

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