Get your money's worth?


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Aug 5, 2013
Nintendo 64
For those of you who have brought a Wii U from day one, do you feel you have gotten your moneys worth from the console? Or do you feel like you wasted your money on this system?
I'm talking with a friend on skype who is constantly playing his gifted Wii-U and he said it better than I could have probably:

"Is it worth the money? Probably not at this stage. Is it worth it for the fun? HELL yes. I love the games currently out, but they have such a limited selection and few of their selection felt undone. This doesn't stop the fact I've had a bunch of fun with it, but I personally probably would have never bought this system for myself with such a limited selection."
yup. i gauge it in family fun, and between MK8 and Hyrule Warriors we've put many hours in. Factor in all the games we got free/discounted due to special offers and club nintendo. we got Pikmin 3, Game and Wario, Dr Luigi. i have very little to complain about.
They just seem like they move next-gen to next-gen too fast, leaving their other systems behind/in the dust.

As for money's worth, in a WII gaming station you could get back that by just swinging the remote around to have fun. I don't see an XBOX or PS4 controller being swung willy nilly for no reason. And that's half the fun! Just swinging to swing, or using/enjoying the motion control scheme by touching your controller and seeing how it responds on the screen to the touch is just fun as well. It's much more interactive.
I 100% have felt like ive gotten my money's worth. Sure for a little while there I was disappointed but after MK8 and Super Smash Bros came out my disappointment totally went away.
I wasn't an early adopter my any means, but so far I've felt I'm very satisfied with the Wii U. It's been better than I expected. With more exciting games to come out in the next couple of years I don't see myself sort of dropping it at all.
I picked up my Wii U several months after launch, knowing that it would still take a while before some of the games I wanted would be released. One of the reasons I bought a Wii U is because Platinum Games was developing some exclusives for it. Namely, Bayonetta and The Wondeful 101 which I enjoyed thoroughly. Only after completing Bayonetta did I feel a sense of true satisfaction for purchasing a Wii U.

However, with the recent announcement of Star Fox Zero and the fact that it's co-developed by Platinum Games - I'm happy with my Wii U investment. ;)
I think that you are never able to get your money's worth unless you use it all the time. We replace all the systems that break on us, and then once we replace them we never use them anymore. I mean it stinks because then we always waste a ton of money on those. My mom insists that we get the old ones though. I mean I would much rather get the new consoles that are out, but that won't happen. So I think that if you use it enough then you are able to get your money's worth.