Getting A Switch from Jpn, I have a few questions


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Apr 15, 2017
Nintendo DS
I'm thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch from Japan. I have a relative who has a friend there and I might ask them to just get it from there and bring it back once they come back. I now just need to know if any of you tried doing this and what I have to know of if I they do this.
Please help!
I just got one from walmart. The stock issues isn't as bad as for the NES Classic, so I was able to get their truck delivery schedule and pick one up a couple hours after they got more stock.
You're ordering it from Japan and delivered to where? You'll need the correct plug or AC adapter if your country's power standards are different from Japan's.
Only thing to worry about is the power cable, which shouldn't be too hard to track down.

Otherwise, the console is probably in Japanese when you first turn it on. Shouldn't be too hard to fumble your way through the settings though.

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