Getting the PSVita


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Jul 16, 2014
I've been wanting to get the PSVita for a while, because I want to play Persona 4 Golden and a bunch of other games that are exclusive for the handheld console. Is the PSVita worth getting? If I do get it, what games do you recommend for it?
don't do it. It's slowly dying and most of it's games are moving over to ps3/ps4 and 3ds.
Oh, I see. That's really disappointing to hear, because the PSVita seemed really fun to play with, and it seemed to have so much potential. I guess I'll stick to playing 3DS games. Thank you for your input. :)
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lol Agreed. However when something is dying it doesn't necessarily make it obsolete. Sometimes it works in your favour. When I was young I wasn't able to purchase the games I wanted to play I sat on my hands. Literally & figuratively. Eventually I got to a place where I could purchase those games. I guess it has more to do with perseverance than it does accomplishment.
It largely depends what types of game you want to play. Persona 4 Golden is a great choice and Atlus are still supporting the Vita. In fact, many Japanese developers are still releasing a healthy number of games on Sony's handheld. So if you don't mind importing a few games, you can't go wrong. But it's true that the system is dying in western regions and I've already noticed a lack of games on the shelves of game stores in my area.
I have one and I plan on upgrading to get the newer, slimmer model in a different color.
(Sorry for the ressurection lol) I also wanted a PS Vita just to play the third Corpse Party and my friend gave me the same advice, so I ended up getting a 2DS- as the first Corpse Party got a DS version, so it'll probably get all three. But I still want to try to get one in the future.
You should check out the pstv if you want a cheaper alternative for the vita. Mine came free with the ps4 but it usually goes for £40. It's basically a vita for your tv. I was finally able to play persona 4 because of it. :')
I could have gotten a Vita with memory card from for $150 a week ago using their SHOP15 promo code. Now it's up to $170 using the code.

Note: I am not advertising nor am I a Jet representative. Just posting a good deal.
Just be careful with the PS TV. Not every Vita game is compatible with it.
I remember when the vita came out. I was an avid PSP player, I had many games. There was this thing you could do to the psp battery to make it do something that would allow you to change the psp in many ways, I can't remember what the process was but this let me place dozens of CSO games on a 64 gb memory car plus many movies as well.

I loved my psp, it was my complete entertainment system. I stopped playing my PS2 when I got it. I used to play call of duty online all through out the night.

Seeing the vita made me feel like it was a knock off and a completely different step for sony because it was so different. Seeing it in person made me change my perspective on it, I like what they did with the handheld console.