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Sep 19, 2012
Omg I just watched the original Ghostbusters movie for the first time since I was a kid and I couldn't believe how freaking good it was. As a kid, I had no idea this movie was so damn funny, and almost all the jokes still hold up flawlessly. The performances by Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver (who is beautiful here), and Rick Moranis are simply top-notch. And the whole thing just carries so much New York spirit. You can tell the movie was made with love.

I expected to be bored with a silly kids movie, which is often the case when you re-watch your childhood favorites, but it turned out to be a nearly perfect movie by today's standards in my book. The only thing that doesn't hold up is the special effects, but from what I understand the amount of money they spent on special effects was actually unprecedented for a comedy back then, so you have to cut them slack.

Looking forward to Ghostbusters II.
Mah dude! thank you! Ghostbusters is my favorite movie ever, and i've seen it way too many times. Yes, i would consider it perfect myself. Very few movies have ever come close to the horror/comedy blend as such (Shawn of the Dead?). I still totally want to be a Ghostbuster when i grow up. I just started the remaster for the Switch, and it just brings a huge smile to my face. Good times man, good times.

so question: What's your favorite quote/line?
Can't remember specific lines right now but the skepticism of Bill Murray about ghosts and also when he went over to Sigourney Weaver's apartment to check out the disturbance and try to get with her had me rolling on the floor! Also when they became popular and all TV stations were reporting on ghostbusters as a legit service while the Ray Parker song kicked in, I was like, this epic. 🤣
Oh yeah, for sure! Once i read one of those analytical/philosophical articles about the show, and they said it's almost like Bill is not in the movie. Apart from it in a way. Anyway, yeah it's a fricking blast!
Just saw this video for the first time too, this is hilarious, look at all these celebrities being fools! 😁

look at that! You still can't beat the 80's! John Candy even.
i remember i had the board game ghostbusters, it was based on the cartoon ( cartoon was great as well ) not the film, but it was really good
I used to play Ghostbusters on Sega Genesis. At the time I thought it was a cool game, but watching the video now, it looks like it kind of sucked lol.

By the way, Luigi's Mansion is undeniably a Ghostbusters game, and I loved it when it first came out on GameCube.
Speaking of Ghostbusters, i just finished Remastered for the Switch. I had it for the Wii (meh), and i was obligated to get it for the Switch. It was really fun and captured the SPIRIT of the movies well. Lots of funny dialogue. The guys are constantly clowning each other.

you are a rookie tasked with trying out Egon's equipment upgrades, which are really neat. I had a BLAST playing it, even though i really can't stand fps's. Oh, in case anyone was wondering, the rumor is the story was the original script for the scrapped Ghostbusters 3 movie. Have fun!