Glitch in Link Between Worlds?


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Nov 29, 2013
I'm currently playing A Link Between Worlds and after I get the power glove I'm supposed to go back to Link's house and talk to Ravio, where when I return he has turned the house into a shop where Link can rent items. Well did everything the strategy guide has told me too but for some reason my house is still my house. I can't move on further in this game until I can rent items from him. So is this a glitch or do I have to wait a certain amount of time?
This is pretty early on in the game, before you go to Lorule, right? As far as I remember, you only really need the rented items in Lorule, so just go to the castle and the temple and look for the princess. Otherwise, since, like I said, this is still early in the game, you can always try restarting...
now that I'm playing this game, i noticed i'm not going exactly according to the strategy guide as well. when i found where Gully is supposed to be, he is not. i did get the pouch though.

it seems we are about in the same parts, i suggest making your way to the Tower of Hera, there is a save rooster there at the entrance. fly back home and Ravio should have taken over your house. Reason being, you can't get in Hera without the hammer.
good luck

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