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Mar 7, 2016
Who doesn't love a good glicth? Sometimes they're really annoying but some are quite nice to "cheat" the game! What are some of your favourite glitches? From any game!

I love the Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow glicthes, especially those that can make you obtain infinite rare candy and Lvl 100 Pokemon before the first gym! ahah
Just Game boy games or any console?

Anyway, someone was playing Guns of Icarus on PC once and the turrets completely disappeared, hindering both him and the team he was playing for.
Well I created it here because I thought about Pokemon but now that I think about it I think any console is fine (maybe a mod can change my thread to a more geral topic?)
It is pretty hard to do it, but you can do a 'double jump' glitch in Spyro 2 (I am not sure if you can do it in the others in the trilogy). This glitch allowed you to reach slightly higher than jumping, and, if timed correctly, you can reach places that you weren't able to access before. You can even skip a whole world! :D Of course, I am not using the glitch. I will beat games the right way! :)
In Sonic 3 and Knuckles, there is a hilarious glitch where you dash down as hyper sonic while ducking in Sandopolis Act 2. If you do this multiple times, the platforms keep reappearing and the genesis/computer will vomit codes and numbers on the screen and the game will be broken XD
My favourite gaming glitch is most definitely the famous pausing trick to get multiple hits with the Electric Beam and Cuts Blades in the original Mega Man--it's an absolute godsend in that game!
I love the glitch from super mario bros that you could use to get to the never ending world. I did this when i was a kid before i ever saw anyone explain it and didn't know how it happened. It was like the pokemon move splash for me. I just kept using it hoping something amazing would happen, and likewise, i just kept running hoping i would find god... or something.
I did that too! I didn't even know it was a glitch at the time :p Good times (and now I really want to play Super Mario Bros!! :p )
Well, since you're originally talking about Pokemon, I'd like to share mine. I am currently working on a very advanced glitch with Pokemon Red and Yellow, and I am close to finishing it. It's called the 8F Key Item Glitch. The setup could take days if you don't know other glitches that help with the setup. It could also corrupt your save if you make a mistake during code execution! Well, what the glitch does is it allows you to hack Pokemon data and make it perfect. Yes, it's possible to hack Pokemon games internally - without any use of external device!
That interests me a lot actually! I hope you can share it when you finish!
I never did that, nor did i want to. People these days are just looking for a way to get everything faster, and cheat on it. I used to have a perfect IV's perfect EV's golbat when i played blue. I spent so much time and poke dollars on catching every zubat i could see, then checking its IV's until i found one that had perfect IV's. I actually got one that had perfect IV's and then messed up while training it. I gave it to my brother and said that his name was Carl. Then i found another and started again. Just train them and work for them, not glitch your way to success. That's like from back to the future 2 when biff went back and made himself rich. You wouldn't do that would you?
Yeah, I get your point. I think I'll be doing the same thing you did if I'm not playing competitively. I mean, I've already done the same exact thing you did before. But you're looking at it on a wrong perspective. Nowadays, it's different. Everybody else have been doing it, and it's a requirement to have perfect stats with your Pokemon. If you want to really play and stay competitive, then you have to do something out of the ordinary (well, these glitches are slowly becoming to be not out of the ordinary). It's not unfair, it's completely fair as long as you stay within the rules. If you do it the traditional way, you'll be left behind. People will have competitive teams full of flawless level 100, while you're still there, hunting and catching your first competitive.

Actually, people have been abusing glitches already ever since they're discovered (ex. Missingno Glitch), the glitches just got a lot more advanced today. It's not any different from before. Take this for example. Would you rather train your Pokemon by grinding with the Elite 4 for hundreds of hours, or would you just use the Missingno Glitch and level them up with Rare Candies? It's just practical and fair to do the latter isn't it?

tl;dr It's just practical to use these glitches, as long as you stay within the rules of Pokemon metagame. But to each his own I guess. I absolutely respect your opinion. Cheers :)
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Personally I like the glitches because they are "new" stuff I can try on. Sometimes they're actually funny, but I don't really care about having the "best Pokemon". I just like to go out of the "game routine", I guess ;) I agree that having everything given to us makes the game boring, much more than actually playing it 100 times, but I like to try them on my own game.

Sorry for the late reply. I missed your post earlier. Here is the glitch I'm talking about. It is a very advanced glitch, so I suggest you don't try it out unless you have a lot of time to spare.
If you have Red or Blue, click this: Pokemon Yellow 3DS VC: Get Flawless DV and Max Stat Experience Pokemon
If you have Yellow, click this: Pokemon Red/Blue 3DS VC: How to Get Perfect Pokemon (Max DV and Stat Experience)
I got a few flawless Pokemon with that glitch already with Red and Yellow. Unfortunately, I made a mistake during the code execution on my Yellow and it crashed and corrupted my game.
So yeah, try at your own risk. If it's too complicated, then you can try this instead. It's pretty fun. :D

The guy has other glitch videos, like the famous Trainer Fly Glitch. He shows all glitchable trainers in that video. Also check out this channel if you're interested for more.
Thanks a lot for the links! Omg I always wanted to try Surfing Pikachu! :LOL:
Sure no problem. :D
If you have the 3DS version, you can actually play the Pikachu Beach Minigame even without having to teach Pikachu Surf! I'll try to make a separate thread for that sometime, where we can post our scores. It can get competitive!

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